Dark Matter – Greg Iles

I hadn’t really made time for reading of late, but a 3 for 2 offer from Waterstones soon changed that. This is one of the three fiction books I picked, and I wasn’t disappointed. It has successfully brought me back to reading with a bang.

I really couldn’t put this book down, now I know you read this sort of thing all the time, but it is true. I stayed up late reading it, I read it wherever I could (guys, you know!), and those times just could not come quick enough.

The book grabs you from the opening line, which I won’t spoil, and rushes you headlong into the story. I think that’s what I really liked, I was dragged into the story and then it just kept pulling. Along the way you found out the background, plot and character development, but there wasn’t a big deal made out of it and it happens so naturally.

This is the story of David Tennant, a man who has been assigned to a top secret Government project by the President himself. However, something is wrong in the project, and although he doesn’t quite know what yet, it has already begun to turn on him.

I shan’t say too much, as there are many places that the full synopsis can be read – including the book itself, and as with all my reviews I shan’t be writing too much about the story itself so as not to let anything slip.

Agreed, the story holds some degree of technology, but it is far from drowning the story in it and is easily accessible. The main characters are believeable and you are soon drawn to them, pulled along on this rollercoaster journey.

My only concern was that the ending didn’t quite match the journey for me, yet it was the journey that made the entire book an eagerly devoured joy.

I would definitely recommend this book, an excellent read, wonderful thriller and it returned me to reading as much as I possibly can.

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