24 Hours – Greg Iles

After reading Dark Matter by Greg Iles I was without a doubt a Greg Iles fan, I just needed to know if his other books were as good as this one. Luckily, my girlfriend had bought and read 24 Hours some time ago, she thought I wouldn’t like it.

How wrong could she have been. It’s an excellent thriller, as fast paced as Dark Matter and with a plain and simple plot of kidnapping. Except it’s not.

Greg Iles criminal is not one of haphazard crime or of standard stories. He’s a character whose careful and precise, and someone who has thought through his deeds, planned them well, and executed them many times before. His plans are foolproof, safe, and proven, and he never gets caught.

However, he’s picked a family who he thought were like any other family. Parents distanced by working lives, on the plateau of married life with a child they totally adore, in fact if it wasn’t for the child, who would know. Yet they haven’t given up yet, and that bond may just bear them through the next 24 hours.

There are more twists and turns than you could expect, and even when you see there’s no way out, that the kidnapper has thought of every single turn, Iles stops you and says wait, there may be a way.

This kept me up nights, as did Dark Matter, and you find yourself so drawn to the family, especially the main character. Iles writes them flawlessly. There’s never a wrong comment or action that suddenly wrenches you out of the book thinking “someone would never do that”, he creates totally believable characters, ones in which you can sympathise all too easily.

It’s another excellent book from him, and I am scared to ready any more just in case it doesn’t turn out as well as these have, but I will.

Greg Iles – 24 Hours

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