All Bar One – George Street, Edinburgh

Awful. Really bad. We stopped off here one night to entertain one of our workmates who had jetted up from down south, as she does a lot, and was headed back to the hotel for another evening in.

Bad choice. First of all it’s noisy, the decor is plain, uninspiring, and a multitude of different chairs and tables, and the distinct lack of staff looking around didn’t add to our hopes. Plus it’s all smoking.

We ordered some nice wine (common theme!) and we had two hamburgers and one chicken thing, and a sharing plate of humous and breads to start.

The humous arrived, after a long wait, and looked very much like half a tub of Tesco’s own brand (which is actually rather nice!) and with a single, slightly toasted pitta bread sliced in strips.

Oh dear, and so it continued. The mains arrived and the chicken was so cooked it was a brick, whereas the burgers (hand made) were about the size of an eight year olds palm but swamped in this huge square ciabatta bun – I jest not on the size, you could have fitted three burgers in the bun. Upon slicing the burger open there were distinct patches of red throughout. I found it hard, but I complained.

I questioned the waiter nearby, “Is this the right size of your burgers?”

“Yes sir.”

“Is it supposed to have red bits inside?”

“No sir. Do you want me to get another one cooked?”

At this point, and thinking on the wait ahead, I said “No thanks, it doesn’t look that good.”

So I ate everything else on the plate and left this pitiful excuse for a burger. When the waitress finally came to take our plates and leave the bill she asked if everything had been all right, “well no actually.”

“Oh, what was wrong sir?”

“The chicken was hugely over cooked, the burger was tiny and it had red patches throughout.”

Okay…this is the bit that got me…

“Oh sir, it’s like that, it’s to do with the way the meat was hung.”

Awful experience, I really wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. Go somewhere else much nicer, cheaper, and with larger portions and cooked food!

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  1. Pablo Reply

    Oops, Rich and I went to said crappy restaurant today for lunch. I had forgotten how bad it actually is. Everything that is said above was funny equally bad today.

    In short: I will buying a fog horn that with automatic activation if i go within 100yards of this place. Truely awful food.

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