Blog reviews work!

I wrote a review for a restaurant\bar that I’d been to a few weeks ago (and returned to since) and it was positively glowing. Now I really am one to complain about things, as my friends will testify to. If I’m not happy with something a famous angry from Edinburgh letter will be sent – my Father is just the same!

So, when I had something really nice to say, and taking advantage of the fact I am now putting these reviews out to the wide world, I contacted the company and let them know I had a great time and included the link.

Then I got a response back!

I was amazed at how genuine and positive the email was, and that the Manager had sent it round the staff (including the kitchen staff) and even the owner.

It shows that there is something to be had out of this Review Blogging thing, and although it’s not a comment back from someone who’s actually heeded the review and eaten there, it’s the next best thing.

Today, the world seems a better place for that. Now, to affect potential customers, and then to prove the Blog worthwhile (I think I have to write something worthwhile then!). Warm happy feelings all round!

Check out the review with the added email responses here.

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