Dark Knight Returns – Frank Miller

(with Klaus Janson and Lynn Varley)

This is an excellent Graphic Novel which does justice to the story of Batman. As the title suggests, he’s Dark. Following a thin line between good and evil, and on a tightrope of hero or vigilante, and this is reflected throughout the book with excerpts from Gotham TV debate shows on that very topic.

The pace is relentless and keeps the excitement going throughout, one thought there is that perhaps it is a bit too fast, and a little bit more focus on the characters would have made it an even better read. However, enough is done on Wayne, Gordon and Joker to make you understand where their beliefs are grounded and grow from. There is another character in that list, but if you haven’t read it, I’ll leave that to you to find out.

Batman has retired. He’s been retired for some time. While Bruce Wayne has been living a relatively normal life and attempting to avoid the calling within him, Gotham has turned sour. It is filled with crime and death, and Gordon is loosing a fighting battle trying to retain order.

Then events spiral towards one thing, the return of the Dark Knight. However, not everyone is so eager for his methods of justice, and with his return, come his Nemeses. Has the world lost it’s love for superheroes and all that they stand for?

The art is sometimes loose and sketchy, but that lends to the rough and aged feel of the characters, as well as the grimy feel of Gotham. However excellent and well turned out the ending is, I felt that at the key points, the frames just seemed to leap a little too much of the story and I really did get left desperate to know more at the end.

Batman: Dark Knight Returns – Frank Miller

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