Eighty Queen Street – Edinburgh

A couple of us were at a very dull, and very sparse, leaving party, and we decided to do just that. However, instead of scooting off home the prospect of a nice meal out took us to the usual point of actually having to decide on somewhere.

At the last point I chose Eighty Queens Street. I’d remembered being there about a year before, and thought it was quite nice, so we sauntered across.

We were disappointed missing out on one of the big leather seated booths upstairs, and were even more disheartened to be taken downstairs to the quiet, and empty, dining area. Of course it was just after 6pm on a Friday evening.

However, all our thoughts were quickly gone when the young lady came to offer us bread and the menus. The level of service we received from the outset was superb. She was a perfect Waitress, attentive, joking and just right on the side of cheekiness.

Between the three of us we had:

  • Thai-Style Fishcakes on Leafy Salad with a Lime and Chilli Dressing

  • Deep-Fried goats cheese on a salad of Ruby Chard

  • Pan-fried Red Snapper served on a noodle rosti with pak choi and tomato salsa

  • Meditteranean pork sausages with onion gravy and a choice of creamy, garlic or mustard mash

  • 8oz home-made steak burger: char-grilled and served with fries

  • Two bottles of the only Rioja on the menu

Firstly I have to say that the Waitress was excellent on helping our friend on her choice of how well cooked she wanted her burger. Instead of asking for the standard responses she asked a few questions about what she liked then suggested how the Chef would understand to cook that, then asked if it was alright to trust her advice. Wonderful service.

So, to the food. The fishcakes were very good, and very fluffy. I believe that the Goats cheese was most excellent too.

The burger arrived and was perfectly cooked, but we couldn’t resist a quick joke with our Waitress. It was also a decent size, unlike some of the handmade burgers you’ll see elsewhere (cough…All Bar One…cough).

There was plenty of mash and the sausages were wonderfully juicy, again, by girlfriend vouches greatly for the Snapper saying that it was also cooked to perfection.

With a healthy offering of side veg, the meal was rounded off with the most superb bottle of red wine…and another followed quite soon after that!

The live Jazz band was a bit of a competition being so near, but luckily they just came on later. The meal, service and the warm and relaxed surroundings made up for that tiny blip.

Excellent meal with wonderful service. I would thoroughly recommend Eight Queen Street, (also the address!) and we’ll definitely be back there soon.

Update – 30th September 2004

I dropped Eighty Queens Street an email through their website, I thought it would be nice to let a company know they had done well and also thought it good to show that the weblog is worth something more than just idle, lonely pages.

Well I certainly got feedback, and I was really chuffed about it. Here’s the extract of the email converstation.

Hi Richard,

Thank you very much indeed for your kind email, we very much appreciate when customers tell us that they enjoyed their visit to Eighty Queen Street. I’m not 100% sure who your waitress was, but I have a fairly good idea! I have printed off your email for the rest of the staff to read as I know they will be very appreciative too. Thank you for your business and I hope to see you in Eighty Queen Street again very soon. In addition, thank you for your kind review.

Kind Regards

Andrew Fowler



Eighty Queen Street

80 Queen Street



T: 0131 226 5097

F: 0131 226 5418

So I liked that. I had a nice warm feeling inside about it all, and that is when I thought that I had to put this on the review, just to show people it works. Yes, I kept the contact details in deliberately!

Hi Andrew.

No problem at all. I’m quick enough to complain, so I think it’s only fair that I send out good comments too!

Would you mind if I placed your comments on my weblog beneath your review? I will omit all contact details if you wish and provide the name simply as “Manager”, that would be entirely at your choice.


Another superb response. Look, feedback works and the people who actually do the work hear about it too! More warm feelings.

Hi Richard,

Of course you can place my comments on your weblog, no problem at all. I also don’t have a problem with my name and contact details being published either. It might be good for business! I have shown the staff your review and they are very chuffed, the kitchen staff are particularly pleased I might add. I also contacted the owner of the business who came in especially to read your review. Needless to say, he was delighted.

Thanks once again.


Okay, so here’s a lesson to you all. Feedback works and gets to the actual people who do the job. So give companies feedback, okay this one is nothing but good comments, but it works with bad too, and I’ll prove that in the coming reviews – I hope.

Now do the right thing and go eat there!

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