Games Day – Recovery

Wahooo! First Games Day in the new flat, and I think, first since Louise and I left Crystal.

For some background, games day started as all day\night sessions of playing games (I think we started with GTAIII) and drinking beer while munching through pizza galore. It started growing from just two or three of us into a bigger group, probably a throwback to all those days working in the blocked off rooms in RBSG, hidden away on our own network playing all the Quakes and Delta Forces!

When I left to join Crystal Media, probably one of the worse moves of my career, we turned the boardroom into a presentation room with DD5.1\DTS Amp, PS2 (that was the DVD player!) and a projector with a huge cinema screen.

We had some great sessions there, especially with the 50% off PizzaHut card, and a kitchen next door. Always Pablo and me left playing Halo – I remember playing Halo until about 5am one morning!

Now Louise and I don’t work there, and we’re probably not that welcome, we needed somewhere to go. Since I’ve altered the flat plans slightly and the Dining Room has become the Cinema\Games room, there was only one logical choice.

We started early afternoon with players arriving throughout.

Richard (That’s me!) – Slow sneaky shooter type.

Pablo – Competitive, and rightly so, excellent at every game, ever!


        Thumbs up…somewhere!

Lee – Strategy games. Slow and lot’s of thinking!


        Don’t eat your hand too!

Dave aka “Smokey” – Fast eighties and coin op type. Burnout 3 rocked for him.


        Mmmm…is that a squint?

Martin – Saw Burnout 3 and left to buy it. Supplier of chicken wings and HOT sauce.



Louise – Fifa queen. Claims she’s so good she can play as Caledonian Thistle and beat Real Madrid!

We’ve had quite a few games days, but usually it’s choose a game, play until your thumbs bleed (or enough people start moaning\falling asleep), then choose another game, repeat till 4am. However, once before we actually attempted predefined leagues. Little mini games for points, so we tried that again.

Don’t think it was as successful as before, the proposed games didn’t all get played, but we got a few in. You can see the score-sheet further down.

What there was a lot of, as there always is, was food and drink. Lot’s of beer was consumed, and loads of food. Two huge packets of potato wedges, big muffins, crisps galore, home made garlic bread and Martin’s speciality. Hot Sauce chicken wings.

Man, those are hot. You would not believe. Martin and Pablo, while you guys were eating you were sweating! It was like they had been in the gym doing a workout. This was probably made worse by the fact that Martin also took the extra hot sauce. It even carries a warning against feeding to people with heart problems. Well I do…I tried them…was addicted…and ate loads. Nothing wrong with the heart then, or today, it’s really not the heart that’s hurting. Ahem. Excellent Martin, thanks very much, and thanks for the leftovers – oh dear god.

Well we played on until well after 3am, with myself Dave and Pablo remaining alive, although not fully in control of our fingers. This was amazing for Dave as he usually falls asleep behind the sofa after about four pints. Still, he managed the late shift and all credit to him, no spillages on the new carpets. He did manage to spill beer all over his crotch though – and it was not me who shook the can Dave!

Okay, so onto the games played. As hinted before, we saw Burnout 3 for the first time, and that was awesomely fast, looking very pretty, and highly addictive. Here’s the low-down on the games and the scoring.

Note for gamers: SSX Tricky scores were added following morning due to them being lost after not being saved. However, they hadn’t been lost but added in the Halo column (drunk eyes)!

Games Day 18/09/2004

Game Competition XBox PS2 Richard Pablo Dave Lee Louise Martin
Mashed Last man standing X 5 6 6 5 5 4
SSX Tricky Elysium Alps score X 6 4 5 1 1 1
Halo Deathmatch X 6 6 5 4 5 5
Tiger Woods Longest Drive X 4 6 1 2 5 3
Virtua Tennis Deathmatch X 3 5 4 1 6 2
Burnout 3 Crash cost X 1 4 2 6 5 3
Totals: 25 31 23 19 27 18
Standing: 3rd 1st 4th 5th 2nd 6th

Congratulations Pablo!

Unfortunately we missed out on some great other games we were going to play, like:

  • PGR2 – Fastest time on random car\track
  • Rainbow Six 3 – Highest kills on random level
  • Halo – Jeep then tank race
  • Halo – As above but half players race and other half snipe the racers, then swap
  • Splinter Cell 2 – Longest time alive by racing through a level without killing
  • Dead or Alive – Blindfold key mashing fighting
  • GTA Vice City – Blindfold driver with co-driver shouting instructions to deliver a taxi passenger in fastest time
  • GTA Vice City – Circle city block five times on pavement, most kills wins

Absolutely inspired! Now, although the cinema\games room is pretty dark for optimum TV picture, I did manage to grab a few on the camera phone…suitably doctored, here they are.

        Louise speeding

        Louise speeds to a crash…you’re supposed to crash!

        Louise concentrates

        Louise concentrates hard…didn’t help much!

        Pablo watches

        Which is why he got bored.

        Dave laughs at Lees joke

        Lee never laughs, and you just can’t stop Mr Happy Morrow!

Okay…so that was the Games Day. Much fun was had, and I’ve played a few new games which should appear on the reviews soon.

Look forward to another one guys!

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  1. Roger Pablo Reply

    I would just like to say that the games day was a little sketchy. Why? Dave didn’t pass out or vomit, nobody spilled anything useful(note: Daves crotch is never useful, err..ok maybe once before) and the hot wings were mild, who said that? where did the screen go, ow!

    Cheers Richard, might have it next time at mine.


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