I know, by the score I’ve already made a few people go “What?!”. Well tough. This film has been getting a lot of bad press, and to be honest I really can’t see why.

Okay, it doesn’t have a very intricate plot that makes you think, fills you with dread or ensures you are leaping out of your seat (although I technically did twice, then laugh!). It does, however, give you a fun packed value for money movie.

There are a good few laughs in it, and the special effects are excellent, sure there are a few moments when you see that Hellboy has suddenly become computer generated, but that’s because we can still tell the difference, not because it was badly done. As for that, go spot when Abe is computer generated…no? Very good isn’t it? Yes – well you cheated and searched on the Internet!

Ron Perlman is just superb in this, and his makeup is stunning. He really seems to play a perfect character, and from what I’ve seen, just like the comic book – although that doesn’t have to be in movie adaptations.

Abe Sapien was very cool as well, played by Doug Jones, although the credit goes to David Hyde Pierce for the voice. Oh lord, Niles from Frasier!

The only thing I personally found slightly odd was the character of John Myers. Why was he there as he served no real purpose, and why were there a few references which hinted at him having some power but were left totally uninvestigated? Perhaps that’s something for Hellboy 2!

So, very entertaining, great fun and some good laughs throughout. The majority of characters are actually interesting and fun too. A very enjoyable movie, just make sure that’s what you’re wanting to get out of a movie trip that day and you’ll like it. Oh, and stay after the credits!

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