iPOD 15Gb with iTunes

I got given one of these free from work, how about that eh? Just for doing my job as normal, and I still get paid! Wow!

Anyway, I’ve used it a few times and worked with iTunes software both online and offline, and I have to say I’m disappointed.

The iPod is surprising when you actually get it, size and styling is good, but the functionality is a bit difficult to get used to. The buttons are extremely sensitive and require the hold button to be set continuously, it’s difficult to even feel that you’ve correctly pressed them.

Switching off the unit was a task to find, but once you read the manual (difficult for me being an ex techy) it was obvious. However, why did we keep hearing an alarm going at odd times of the day? The iPod has reset the time and alarm settings seemingly at random a couple of times now, and this means the alarm is going off when you don’t expect it to.

The headphones are extremely standard, strange considering the design of the box and the unit itself. Simple earphones without even a longer cable length on one of the earpieces to allow them to be placed behind the head. This solves problems of catching the cable on everything in front of you…which we have been doing. Also, there’s no control on the headphone cable, you have to keep returning to the main unit and that hold button.

It does store a huge amount of songs, and playback and control of the song during playback, is very good. However getting the songs there proved a bit of a task. The software isn’t exactly intuitive, and took a while to fathom out. I’m still not a hundred percent sure how it works, and it all had to be updated immediately to run with the online iTunes.

Connecting it to the PC proved a challenge, and an extra expense too. The USB cable (note no cradle) had to be purchased seperately, and until we got it the unit was useless. Considering the majority of computer based users are PC users and Apple are targeting that audience I found that quite strange.

A work mate, who also received his at the same time has dropped his accidently, just from the sofa to the floor. Now it’s inoperable, and although it’s guaranteed you wouldn’t expect that sort of fault on a modern MP3 player. He’s returned to his standard memory based MP3 player already.

Me, I’m sticking with my MiniDisc. It doesn’t have the problems above and has all the same features, albeit I change discs rather than search through the hard drive.

2 comments on “iPOD 15Gb with iTunes”

  1. Patrick Hadfield Reply

    I’ve been thinking of getting an MP3 player, and then I think: “why?”

    I have CDs, I have minidiskd (I’m a fan, too – I time shift my radio listening!), I have a radio… The thing I think I wouldn’t like about MP3 is being chained to my PC.

    Interesting though, I had an epiphany this week: for the first time in maybe five years, I played a whole load of vinyl – things I haven’t transferred to minidisk (and now probably never will…). It was great – and I still love the feel of vinyl. Magic.

  2. Simone Reply

    I decided to treat myself recently so I got the 4GB iPod nano. It’s so thin and stylish and so far I have had no problems, but I guess youre right, they could of given you more with the price you pay.

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