New arrivals and anticipation

It’s been an exciting morning. First, and very late – I was about to complain, was Star Wars Trilogy DVD Boxset. I’m desperate to go play it and listen to it on the home cinema…but I shan’t. This is all I’ll do today about Star Wars, write about it!

Secondly, the final book in The Dark Tower series has just arrived. This is Stephen Kings biggest, and in my mind best, work, spanning an amazing seven books, and most of those books are huge!

Finally, the workmen are in to look at our remedial list, Cala don’t call it a snagging list. They’ve fixed just about everything now, barring a few drying out cracks which will wait a few more months to gather them all, and the many window scratches – eleven window panes to replace, and they’ve only had to do one in all the surrounding flats to date. Friday afternoon windows from Ireland no less!

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