Vina Mara Rioja Reserva 1999

Okay so this was after the lovely Brown Brothers Tarrango I reviewed, but it still disappointed quite a bit.

I’m a big reds fan especially Rioja, and this wine just didn’t hit the mark for me. The label states that it’s …an elegant Rioja with the classic vanilla character… However I found the vanilla a bit too overpowering in every mouthful, and it was very sharp without a lot of body.

Ah, I’ve just been told that my girlfriend dropped a whole vanilla pod into the pudding we were having around the same time, so that could have totally affected the tasting!

I must make a mental note to revist this wine, I have another bottle, and add onto this review.

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  1. Richard Reply

    OK, you said you would revisit this wine and it’s over a year now. Any chance of that ‘second glance’?

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