Boeing building new “friendlier” commercial jet

Boeing are building a new commercial airliner called the 7E7. It’s smaller, slower and carries less passengers than existing airliners, yet it looks to be a huge leap in aviation.

The ‘E’ is the key here. It will use 20% less fuel than current airliners, that equates to 15 hours flight time or 8,300 miles. So it’s more fuel efficient, but it produces a lot less greenhouse gas emissions (which considering how much airliners do, that’s a good step) but it’s also quieter to meet tougher noise pollution requirements.

Then, surprisingly, they’ve considered the passengers. With extra large windows, better air conditioning with higher humidity, larger aisles and entrances and more overhead cargo space, it sounds like they are doing something every company should do – make your product for your end customers.

The final bonus for the actual traveller is the inclusion of Boeings Connexion service, a high speed internet connection for in flight.

Strikes me they’ve done the job well, even before it’s completed, First Choice have pre-ordered some. That’s one of those cheap long haul destination flyers, possibly one of the last airlines you’d think would want to fly less passengers per trip.

All great news, and if these planes become standard stock, think of the positive effect to the skies in terms of pollution both in noise and gas emissions as well as the benefits to the end customer. Let’s face it flying just now is not a comfortable experience, no matter how much you love landings and take offs (as I do!).

Story from Guardian Spark.

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