Buttons future in the hands of lawyers this weekend

Jenson Button‘s immediate future in F1 is in the hands of lawyers this weekend according to the BBC story. Formula One’s Contract Board is reviewing the situation, and both the Williams and BAR contracts with Button, this weekend. A decision is expected either late this weekend or early on Monday.

BAR boss David Richards seems a pretty good guy, and recent shots of Button and Richards show a real tight team. Richards is obviously keen to keep Button for the rest of the season, and who wouldn’t be, but he’s also being quite pragmatic.

Jenson is a very key member of the team and obviously if we lost any key member of the team we would be disappointed
David Richards, BAR

Personally I think Button should be very careful, do you piss off your current team Boss where you’re doing really well, and better than the team you are going to next year. Or do you dig your heels in and wait until next year to race with the new team, who clearly think they have a right for you to race with them this year. Difficult situation.

Williams are not doing as well as BAR, and I’m sure this is in Buttons mind right now. I would be staying at BAR, and I would be real hacked off at leaving while they are so competitive.

Richards and the BAR team as a whole seem far more approachable and easy to work for than the Williams. Williams really do view their drivers as commodities, and it doesn’t matter if you are doing well for them, historically they will drop you for younger blood.

I wonder, in fact, if he is now regretting the whole move from BAR?

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