Campo Veijo Crianza Rioja 2001

Excellent full wine. We gently warmed this wine up before drinking and it brought out the flavour beautifully.

As the label says – and I’m never really great at picking these things out, although the girlfriend does help – there is a wonderfully velvety and rich taste to the wine, and some dark berries and (as the label points out) a hint of the wood that carried it. Very lovely wine and just to my liking of big reds.

The wines of Campo Viejo on their own site.

2 comments on “Campo Veijo Crianza Rioja 2001”

  1. Richard Reply

    Just tried the 2002 vintage of this wine and, I believe, your comments could have been written for the 2002 one as well. Currently one of my favourite reds.

  2. Keir Reply

    If You Like the Crianza, you must MUST MUST get around to the 2002 Reserva or 1999 Gran Reserva, these wines rock any dinner/house guest will really appreciate this.

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