Confusion reigns at Silverstone, while Suzuka just rains and teams are Russian to F1.

Okay, bad pun! These days the most exciting things that happen in F1 are out with race times!

Typhoons have hit Japan, delayed qualifying and may be ignored by ITV and it looks like Silverstone is in great demand.

First, Silverstone. News at ITV F1 claims that after Brand Synergy have spoken out that they have made a bid, and agreed seven years with Ecclestone, suddenly Ecclestone has also made a bid! Sounds a bit odd, and perhaps underhand – if it is indeed true as I haven’t found any other references to it as yet.

However, the news sounds good that Silverstone will stay on the calender. I just hope it gets a cash injection to make it a world class F1 circuit.

This is especially important as BBC news has the story on South Africa’s continuing bid for F1. Near Cape Town it certainly has all the promise of a great venue, and a contender to knock Silverstone off the calender if it doesn’t shape up.

Not only that, but while I was looking at the BBC sport site, what should I see but the story that there will be a Russian F1 team!

It appears that a privately owned group called Midland Group, which conducts much of its business in Russia, will be starting a Russian backed F1 team in 2006. Italian chassis, possible Cosworth engine (seems that they may be a possibility of buying) and perhaps a Russian driver!

Just when you think the sport is in danger of dying, new hope is around the corner.

I guess the worrying thing is that if they do buy Cosworth, will they still want their engines going to Minardi and Jaguar?

Oh, and someone tell us what’s happening with the qualifying! Here I am at 23:53 and no word if the qualifying (01:00) is going to be on ITV. Their programme listings say no, and the ITV F1 site says maybe. Of course they aren’t interested, it won’t make them money then and I guess the advertisers haven’t paid up for that time slot.

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