Coulthard set to go.

Well it’s real bad news from the BBC Sport online news with Coulthard preparing to say goodbye to a seemingly far from sympathetic McLaren this weekend.

One wanders what McLaren actually think of him, checking out the website there’s no great story about his racing, a driver who has been with them since 1996 and has won them a lot of points over the years (18, 36, 56, 48,73,65,41, and 51 last year). He’s also proved what a good racer he is, faced with a difficult car over the past few years he’s consistently pulled through the grid better than most, although performing poorly in qualifying with the new rules, he’s improved there too. He has a mature outlook (unlike some drivers) and stands by his team (as much as he can when he was continually having failures around him and his team doesn’t publicly stand by him).

Where are McLaren just now? Why aren’t they standing up and saying, “Yes, we’re sad to see him go, he’s given us a lot of his years and performed consistently and acted very professionally through it all. Without a shadow of a doubt I would recommend him to any other F1 team”.

Well, they’re too wrapped up in Kimi, and to be fair he is a great racer and has a lot of potential, sometimes it seems as though he pushes too hard, and especially considering the number of failures he has had against David. Let’s hope McLaren drivers of the future don’t face the same cold shoulder treatment David has, and that they start to treat both drivers with the same amount of respect and race attention.

Watching Fifth Gear last night I was surprised to see the inside of the McLaren technology centre in Surrey hosting Kimi’s race car…and not David’s. I think that’s a big slap in the face for a driver who’s been with them since 1996.

Come on Dennis, give Coulthard some backing, however late it is.

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