Another excellent American crime drama brought across to a British audience.

CSI stands for Crime Scene Investigations, and each week one or two new crimes are committed just in time for the CSI team to investigate. Based in Los Vegas, the team are faced with many strange cases which call for new and varying methods of uncovering evidence.

Sometimes the whole show may seem a bit contrived, and the the cases too bizarre, I mean doesn’t anyone just have a heart attack or fall down dead in Las Vegas?

However, what does make the show is the slow suspense gained from the uncovering of evidence piece by piece, and the different members of the team slowly bringing their pieces of the jigsaw together to arrive at the outcome.

Particularly good in CSI are the cast, with some established actors and some new talent, all bringing a different style with them. Each character is quite human, with flaws, weaknesses and strengths.

However, the episode stealers, without a doubt are Gil Grissom (William L. Petersen) and Catherine Willows (Marg Helgenberger).

You may remember Petersen from the excellent Manhunter, and the not as great, but still very good, To Live and Die in LA. This role sees a character very much like the role in Manhunter, although he does not carry the scars and mental horror as he did in that movie.

The rest of the cast are perform very well and provide well grounded characters throughout with interesting tales to tell. Their flaws slowly revealed throughout the series intertwined with the episode based plots of investigation.

My only down points would be that we don’t get to see enough of the characters lives in amongst their daily job. That, and the fact that the CSI team always end up deep into the investigation. I always thought that the Police would handle most of the case with CSI liasing with them, however, that might be the US system for you.

Very good drama, with excellent characters and actors. Well worth watching, although I warn you, you’ll get hooked.

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  1. louise mcgregor Reply

    Can’t say I have ever watched a whole episode of CSI. I am however hooked on Without a Trace, a similar style show except with missing people who aren’t always dead. They uncover different sides to that persons live throughout the hour, usually finding that people only really knew one side to them, and usually all different. Same problem though, not enough of them outside work, in fact none. Only what they can fit into the storyline. Having not bothered to watch most of the first season now I’m hooked. I have a feeling if I watch a whole CSI that will be another hour glued to the tv.

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