CSI: Miami

CSI: Miami is a spin off from the CSI TV series (reviewed previously)

It follows in the same mould. The Crime Scene Investigations (CSI) team are appointed to cases that day, each has their own specialist skill, style and quirks, and they work away on their pieces of the puzzle herded together by the team leader, Horatio Caine (played by the very good David Caruso), to eventually solve the case.

However, it differs significantly in the characters. In CSI they are real, human and you can identify with them. In CSI: Miami, you get the feeling that they are carrying a front and are all about the style and swagger, much like Miami itself.

This is typically shown by Caines hands on hip stance while turning his head at an odd angle, staring into the distance and uttering an exceedingly corny line. Very Bruckheimer-esque.

With these features which drew me so to CSI missing, it lacks the deeper interest for me and became a piece of entertainment to watch rather than a story to get involved with.

This is a shame as CSI set the standard high, and Miami began to follow but soon settled down onto a formula. I hope that the next spin off is better handled.

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