Dicky Spillbrain and the History of the World Part II

I was sorting through one of the unemptied boxes in the spare room this morning, fuelled by the desire to dig out all my slides and negatives and develop all my photographs, when I came across some of my writing books.

I kept all these to write my latest poetry, short stories, ideas and dreams in. I was very prolific for some time, it’s just a shame I’ve not been writing in such a long time. Anyway, back to the story!

So there I was, pulling out the slide boxes and reams of negatives when I came across one of the oldest writing folders. One I filled while at college, and it had printouts of stories I had written while there.

I saw a print of the Cheese Shop sketch from Monty Python, which for some reason I decided to type in and send to some people – what work did we every do in that A51 computer room?! – and then I hit upon something I had forgotten about for a very long time.

The History of the World Part II. A silly, very silly, story of two events from the Bible. One being Adam, Eve and the meeting of the snake, and the other being Noah thinking on the creation of the Ark.

Very silly indeed, and as I reread them, disasterously unfunny, although it must be said some bits actually did tickle me somewhat.

I then came upon my Grail of writing, Dicky Spillbrain PI. Heaven knows where that name came from, and why, and even where the idea came from. I do think it was heavily influenced by hearing the Goon Show, and I’m sure that was thrust upon me by my good friend Darren.

I say good friend, we were at the time, but time has a habit of pushing these friendships apart. Sad, but it does happen. However, that great site of friends, and a fast buck for it’s creators, Friends Reunited has brought us back in touch.

Anyway, digressing again! Dicky Spillbrain was a running serial I wrote at college, and it just conjures up everthing that I was at that time of my life. Silly, stupid, and full of – what I thought were – laughs. He was a bumbling detective with the worlds weirdest events happening to him in the most strangest and insane ways, much like the Goon Show, firing totally out of left field.

I am going to have to post some of those stories, or perhaps put the whole lot up, although perhaps I should read them first and just see how bad they were…or, hopefully, how good they were!

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  1. Andy Gilmour Reply

    From :MS1A:AG
    Damn, we has an I Q of 3 club reunion, and Derek Ward took in some printouts including Dickey Spillbrain. Wish we tracked you down before it but we are talking about making it an annual event, 30 years was too long. Dickey Spillbrain was an easy Google search to track you with.
    Email me and I’ll get you details of the old gang and we can do the timewarp again 🙂

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