Ecclestone threats – “No British GP”

I can’t say I was surprised that Bernie Ecclestone has said, in this BBC Sport news story, that…

We have to admit defeat and end the discussions,…It looks certain there will not be a British GP in 2005.
Bernie Ecclestone

Hold on, weren’t things just being sorted out a few days ago? Wasn’t everyone in negotiations and discussions? How come, all of a sudden, Ecclestone walks out of talks and starts openly talking about how they have failed? I would have thought a joint announcement would have been made. Perhaps he’s merely leveraging for more cash?

There are currently three circuits that are in negotiations for the final F1 calendar, all the others have signed contracts. Those are Britain, San Marino and France. Is he just trying to push all three and see which drop to allow the 19 provisional to come down to the 17 accepted?

However, all is not as it seems. Jackie Stewart countered on BBC radio to say…

He has already been paid in full for the British Grand Prix through 2010 by the previous promoters.
Jackie Stewart

So what is actually going on? Well it seems the talks with Brand Synergy consortium have also fallen through. Could it be the BRDC are just fighting too much for their own way?

Who knows, and I doubt we ever really will, but you can tell that Ecclestone pulls no punches in his business deals, and that they are there to earn him a lot of money, but asking for 10% increase each year (as the BRDC are claiming) is a hell of a lot of money after seven years.

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