I’m in love…and it’s the new SLR.

After seeing it on Fifth Gear last night, and watching it being hurled around a race track, I was drooling. My girlfriend was slyly looking at me and suggesting that we could sell the house (and the S2000) and live in the car.

Ahem. Okay, point taken, but have you seen it?. Oh sweet lord.

Ceramic brakes; rear air brake; side venting exhausts; beautiful front grills; swing-wing doors (they go up in the air!); beautifully designed with a long, long nose; carbon-fibre composite body, and last but not least, a front-mid 5.5 litre, V8 supercharged engine.

Silver Mercedes SLRIt sounds like a growling beast, and swinging it around a track just made it look like the most graceful and gorgeous thing ever designed. The design is just stunning, but the little things are what really caught my eye, like that air brake that pops up and the fact that you can raise it manually for no reason. The start button underneath a flip panel on top of the gearstick, all these little features just make it more of an enjoyable drive.

Black Mercedes SLRYou even have to go to the McLaren centre to collect it and be given a run through of the entire car, but before then you can visit the pristine factory where it is hand assembled and watch it go through it’s birth.

Problems? Just one. Or rather 313,000. Yes, that’s the amount of money it costs. Sniff. Still, I really love my S2000, really!

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  1. Colin Reply

    I fell in love with the car when I saw it on Top Gear a few months ago….it is a beast!!

    I have a great idea…we could get a syndicate of people together (say 52) and we could all chip in £6000 and have it for a week a year…..bagsy first shot 🙂

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