An interesting film with a good performance from both Kevin Spacey and Jeff Bridges. Both are excellent actors with charisma galore, but poor Spacey is restricted within the confines of a character with little outward emotion and it almost seems like he walks through it, he’s either bored by every minute or enjoying himself, it’s difficult to tell.

The story is a very good one and provides for a good few twists and turns, keeping the audience guessing throughout the movie, and even at the end. Although there aren’t a great number of surprises, just gentle realisations.

The premise is that the latest patient for the psychiatrist Dr Mark Powell is proving difficult to diagnose after “appearing” in the middle of a crowded train station. He claims that he’s from another planet and just visiting, gathering information for his report to take back with him. Planning to leave in the next few weeks after being on a five year visit. Dr Powell continues his treatment as normal, understanding that he’s merely delusional and perhaps under the influence of a second personality. However, slowly things change and he begins to wonder if he really is what he claims.

A good enough story I thought, and I enjoyed the gentle turns, but I felt it really only smoothed over the surface of many of the issues it highlighted, and I really do feel that more could have been done to enter the characters and what made them the way they were.

Ultimately though it is a good story, enjoyable and the ending gives plenty of satisfaction mixed with a gentle dribble of surprise. It does leave you a little confused and curious at the end, as all good movies should, with questions turning around in your head.

I feel that if it weren’t for these two major names this script might never have made it. It definitely does leave you feeling that there is a lack of meat.

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