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Just had a quick look for some of the latest movie trailers and found a new trailer for Blade Trinity.

It does look very slick and exciting, continuing a popular franchise, but does it spell the end for Blade and Wesley Snipes?

With the writers managing to seek out another evil resurrected vampire monster type baddie plot, Blade is back. This time he brings two friends to the party, hence the title…Trinity…three…get it?

The style and feel from the trailer is slightly different to previous Blade movies and does give me a Matrix-esque feel, and not just for any bullet time type effects. The slow beat music, the orchestrated action, it just looks slick.

However, and this could well be quite a big however, could this be the last outing? Snipes reportedly wrote quite a hard letter to the Studio after this movie, and a majority of it was to complain about the direction of the Blade story and, I believe, some hard comments about the Director.

It seems the character has been edged to the side and too much given to the new duo of the Trinity dulling Blade, and that is the feeling you get from the trailer. One of the duo is even an ex-vampire, how’s that for competition.

Could this film be a step towards edging Snipes and\or Blade out of the role and making way for new stories of the two new vampbusters? It certainly reeks of that.

For my money, Blade won’t be Blade without Blade…or Snipes. The movie is about that character, the presence, strength and great action sequences, all down to Snipes. The secondary strength of the movie is the Whistler-Blade relationship, and that’s why Kris Kristofferson is back in this trailer, Blade can’t do without Whistler and the movie can’t do without Blade, Snipes, Whistler or Kristofferson.

Oh, and Blade needs to fight on his own, he’s the single super(anti)hero in the story, this isn’t the Fantastic Four!

If you hadn’t figured it out by now, I think Snipes is an excellent actor, just so badly used (apart from Blade).

Okay…I’m done now!

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