Love and settling down

I used to remember that the scene in Four Weddings and a Funeral when Charles (Hugh Grant) and Tom (James Fleet) are discussing how they thought love would come to them.

Charles thought that it would be some big bolt from the skies and he would be instantly hit by the strength and power of it, and it would be instant. Tom however, thought that it would just happen to him, that someone nice would come along, that they would get together, and that would be that.

Well, I remembered that ever since and never knew which would be true, I always thought it might just be Tom. Turns out, Charles is right too.

I was definitely struck, but it wasn’t a lightning bolt, more like an electric shock, and then just knowing that was it. That was the one, and being perfectly fine about it.

It’s difficult to try and describe, because it wasn’t something so tangible, just a knowledge that this was right, that this was the way it was going to be, and with Zoë.

Since then it’s just become better and better. Things are easy, and decisions are just the right ones to make. Moving in together was just something that presented itself to us one day and it all made sense. Everything else is just coming that way too.

It’s right, and it’s that knowledge that takes away all the rubbish and difficulties that were there before. Talking to my friend Steve at lunch the other day, I said that I always thought that I was almost there with some of my ex-girlfriends, that there was just a little step missing and that would have been it. Looking back now though, it’s quite apparent that there was so much missing.

What struck these thoughts off just now? Well I’m sick at home and Zoë is out shopping. She saw some clothes for me and picked the right size before I told her, and there wasn’t even a second thought to it. It’s all these little things that make the whole so good, that and the lack of competition, of fighting, of arguements.

So it wasn’t a lightning bolt or a slow creep. It was a jolt and a realisation as time moved on that this was right. I guess the added bonus is that Zoë feels that too! Otherwise this would be a completely different post.

Anyway…enough of this, must get back to some serious manly things. Like…ermmm…flower arranging! NO! I mean shooting baddies on the XBox or something. Ahem.

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