Reading The Dark Tower

I’m halfway through The Dark Tower now, and I’m getting sad. I think I was sad as soon as I got through the first few pages of overlap from the previous and started reading the actual last story.

Not only that, I can’t remember a time when a book affected me so much as this one has. Today I was reading a few chapters and I started crying! Tears were welling up and I was finding it hard to read! I don’t think I can ever remember a book hitting me like that.

So, well done Mr King, so far it’s an excellent read and you’ve really got my by the balls!

I won’t get into too much of a review of it, save to say that so far it’s fabulous, I’m just scared to death of what is going to happen to the characters!

King fell out of favour with me a while ago when I felt I was beginning to read similar ideas story to story. I’d read loads of his early work and I just started to drift away from his books.

The Gunslinger brought me back, and brought me back hard. I’ve been preordering each of the seven books just waiting for the final one, and now it’s here I have this feeling of dread building up, a sad, disappointing feeling that’s growing page by page.

It’s finished, and I can see the end. Something I’ve wanted to have for so long, and now it’s here I don’t want it to happen. I don’t want to turn that last page and close the book.

The hard part of it is that Mr King, the bad man that he is, has managed to intoxicate me with his story telling and I feel like I’m addicted and his words are some form of drug. I take a fix whenever I can and the more I have the happier I am, but the day is coming when the supply runs out and I’m cold turkey. That’s what I don’t want, that’s what I’m so dreading.

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