Silverstone dying, Formula 1 is coming in second.

I love Formula 1, and I’ve followed it since I can remember. Nigel Mansell flying around in that black JPS, brilliant. I just remember fantastic battles for the lead with spectacular racing and often spectacular crashing.

Now however, it is becoming dull. Ferrari are racing away with the wins with Michael Schumacher blasting arrogance and superiority across the paddock.

Before everyone starts getting excited, I am not against the domination of a team or individual. After all this has happened time and time again. Mclaren have repeatedly done this, as well as Senna, there have been many such examples.

I suppose I have a personal anger against Ferrari for the squabbling that has occurred when they’ve lost a race to someone else. My mind always returns to the Ferrari-Mclaren incident where Ferrari lost and complained that a camera mount was missing from the car at the end of the race. They won the appeal, Mclaren was demoted and Ferrari promoted to win the race.

Fine, I hear you say, they infringed the rules however slightly. Correct, I agree. So a few races down the line when Ferrari actually had an illegally sized wing throughout the race, Mclaren raised this and the appeal falls in favour of Ferrari.

That is how it happens. There have been a number of cases where Ferrari have leaped up and down and suddenly they have the advantage. What does the F in FIA stand for?

So let’s leave that for the moment. Aside from the single team and driver domination, the sport is in danger of becoming elitest for a few companies, a few leaders who have the money to invest in all the testing and development to create the best car. Look at Jordan and Minardi, hardly likely to make next season and just scraping through the previous.

This is another reason why the top teams have managed to stay at the front and compete, money. Okay, hold on though, I am guessing you might mention something about Honda and Renault. Well yes, they are doing very well. However I read something, and I’m sorry I can’t remember the source, that talked about the lower teams allowed a third car for testing and that both these teams fell into that criteria. So after this successful year, do they loose that advantage?

Okay, I think everyone would agree F1 is sloping downwards, and that troubles me since I am such an ardent fan of the sport. Definite fan of David Coulthard and Mclaren, and just switched allegiances from Toyota to Honda and Jenson Button, well, I did swap my Toyota for a Honda!

Okay so I ranted on way more than I should have there, but let’s move on to the story of the day. The dropping of Silverstone from the proposed 2005 F1 Calendar.

With Ecclestone sounding firm but fair in one story, and Silverstone presenting their side, it’s hard to see who’s at fault. Just look at the new circuits though, they are stunning and the actual layout isn’t too bad either. How can Silverstone compete when it’s such an old circuit?

Okay so it’s been there since the 1950’s, well that say’s a lot. Perhaps it is time to either let it go from the calendar or move onto a new circuit – what about putting all this money into a brand new circuit as so many other countries have and are? Mmm…that would require forward thinking and future investment wouldn’t it? Somethings we don’t really have in UK companies!

So what would happen? Well I think it’s clear Silverstone is going, this might be temporary, but if they can’t get the upgrades and changes that Ecclestone has requested, it may be gone for good.

F1? Well it doesn’t look good, with the BBC writing about a member of the Dubai Royal Family starting up a World Cup of motor racing, where the cars are all the same. That would be interesting, with talk of every nation represented.

Perhaps if some of the smaller teams drop off then they may think of starting a series themselves, I know we’ve heard enough on that in previous seasons, perhaps it will happen after all.

It’s a shame though. I do love the sport, and it would be a shame to see it die off completely. I think the real hope is around this mid range teams, if they can pull in the reigns of the front runners then there might be hope. Then we need some seriously good rulings to pull the costs down but keep the speed, excitement and the technical innovations up at the forefront, then it could remain as the leading motorsport. If not, well, we might end up with a model of US racing, two to three different leagues all with their own specialist areas, and would that be so bad?

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