Silverstone gets a breather with a provisional date

So Silverstone is on and scheduled for the 3rd of July. Well done there Ecclestone, but come on guys, knock your heads together and get something sorted out. Although they are on provisional, there are big discussions to be had and a crunch decision by the end of October.

The current Formula 1 provisional calendar contains 19 circuits. Yet the teams have all agreed to 17 circuits. Do the math, two to go, and Silverstone backed into a corner.

Ecclestone is holding out for one deal, a one year deal and six year extension if all goes okay, the British Racing Drivers Club want two years and a five year extension. Of course Ecclestone isn’t backing down and is holding firm, as are Silverstone. Check out the BBC news story.

All this time, as the Beeb again report here, Brand Synergy is waiting in the background with their offer not even being considered – See previous post about this bid. More than that, they’ve just reworked their proposal and resubmitted it.

The new plan incorporates a three way deal to manage and run Silverstone investing a billion pounds in a redevelopment of the 300 acre site to provide motor sport, leisure and entertainment facilities.

Excuse me Ecclestone, why isn’t this being considered? You are sitting there holding the contract and telling them they will loose it unless they give you more money. Is that not a strong leverage position to get what you want? Look at the new proposal and consider it, if it’s going to make it work then take it. Don’t hold out and manoeuvre the failure simply so you can get one non-tobacco advertising circuit off the calendar.

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