Use electricity from 100% sustainable sources without extra cost!

I am so jealous of those living in England and Wales right now as they have access to the energy supplier Ecotricity.

This is a supplier that can supply your electricity, and match the costs of your current supplier, from 100% renewable sources. So without additional costs to the customer, they can make sure you are using electricity generated only from sources such as sun, wind and water.

Too good to be true? Well it is true, and it’s happening now. The Body Shop, WWF and Co-operative Bank both use this company for supply, as well as private homes.

I urge you to sign up now. They can supply for the same cost as your current provider and through your existing mains supply. Why not, and it’s all from sources that do not harm the environment other than their environmentally friendly installation.

If, like me, you live in Scotland, then register from the sign up page above to show that you are interested. The more that they sign up, the more viable the move will be and they can invest in the supply of us up here.

What a superb company, and a ray of light in a currently very bleak and smog covered world.

Story from Guardian Spark.

3 comments on “Use electricity from 100% sustainable sources without extra cost!”

  1. Richard Reply

    Thanks for that Martin. Had a look at npower and the comparison. They suggest who, interestingly, claim to be the only UK supplier who supplies only 100% renewable energy. npower say that they put back into the grid the same amount of units you use. Not sure if that is the same or not.

    Anyway, I’m going to check out and perhaps sign up.

  2. Richard Reply

    After sending this information around work, comments back from a work mate:

    “I switched to Juice back in August. All ok so far. Have used n-power for gas for three years and no complaints.”

    However, she had no idea if it was 100% renewable source and didn’t catch on to how the site worded it. She just saw the Greenpeace backing, which I guess is a pretty good endorsement.

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