Want to have your say about Scotland and do something?

I can’t remember how I found this site, and to be honest it hardly matters, what does matter is that it gives everyone the opportunity to have their say on what may well become Scottish law.

You think that the Politicians are useless and that the Government aren’t doing what you want how you would like them to, regardless of if you voted for them or not? Well, participate in a public consultation.

Just like the recent consultation on smoking in public places, you can add your thoughts on any consultation paper that is opened to the public, because the Scottish Executive publish them online and for all to participate.

I think this is great, I always wanted to get involved in consultations before, well ones that were relevant to me, but never knew how. You would always here on the news that some Public consultation suggested that the majority wanted this or didn’t want that, and I would be sitting at the TV saying “NO! What twaddle are you talking about?! I don’t want Traffic Wardens to work naked!”.

I’ve already replied regarding the consultation on smoking in public places, and I’m intending to answer the renewable energies, transport policy, how water usage should be paid for and a ruling on GM crop usage.

Why don’t you go take a visit and take part, you can even receive a weekly email updating you of the latest papers.

Have a look at the Scottish Executive online Consultations page and have your say.

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