Wolf Blass Presidents Selection Cabernet Sauvignon 2001

After a short time breathing (I so want to buy a giraffe!) we had a few sips of this over a nice spicy pasta, and boy did the two go well together.

Wolf Blass offer some good wines, and the Presidents selection shows itself as a first class one. (Hey, the label is made in parchment type paper! – Joke!)

It’s a very warm and rich wine, with a great deal of spice in the taste, vanilla being very obvious on the tongue. A very pleasant wine to drink, especially if you like wines with a bit of body.

The site gives some interesting information on the actual wine.

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  1. Bill Reply

    We tried this wine last night with a rib roast. My girlfriend is a Merlot drinker who does not like the strong tannins of the usual Cabernet but this wine had body and a roundness which softened the effect while retaining character. Very nice wine and I am trying to find more bottles but bought the last two at one spot and the last one at another.

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