Writing about movies…

I’m excited. I know it happens only a few times a year, so I have to shout about it.

I’ve just written my first two posts on The Movie Blog. It’s an excellent site with completely biased views on movies and everything about movies. I’ve been following it for a little while now, and I was shocked when I was asked if I wanted to write for them.

John, the owner\founder\chief blogger, whatever you would call such a person, asked after I posted enough comments, sent him enough breaking information, and generally bugged him until he amazingly got the idea to ask!

So there we go, my first post two posts are about the A-Team movie and also about Dallas: The movie.

It’s a great site, with some really good info and lot’s of debate. If you have the chance go there, don’t be put off by my cheesy posts, there’s much more there and loads posted.

I’m really chuffed because this site is just me and my reviews, with the odd bits of ranting thrown in, which no one really reads. However, the Movieblog combines my love of movies and writing together, plus loads of people actually read it! Go on…you know you want to.

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