DIY success!

No, please, don’t get up from your keyboard. I managed to do some DIY, and quite successfully!

Okay, I have had success before. I’ve managed to get six Ikea blinds up, and one bathroom door hook. That may not sound a lot to you keen DIY-ers out there, but I’m damn proud!

So we had to tackle curtains in the lounge.

Well the first attempt was somewhat of a disaster. £150 worth of poles and accessories for the bay window, and all but £65 worth of that wasted. Why? Well the pole came with 90-degree bends, unfortunately our bay window does not resemble a box, it’s a more open angle, so we had to measure the angle on the 90-degree bend and cut at exactly the right spot.

We had four attempts, each getting closer, and each bringing the angle nearer to the bay window. The fourth was the death toll for the pole idea. Cutting it over the angle by about two degrees was just too much, anyway, each cut was squint as a drunk landlubber in bouncy castle onboard a fishing trawler during a force ten gale.

So that was the pole idea. We went to B&Q and bought a nice little curtain track, and it was only after spending that money, hitting the disaster and then buying that track that we found an excellent solution from John Lewis. The bendable corner joints for bay window poles, they are simple and are just a small moveable joint. However, from the wonderfully cheap John Lewis, it was something around the £200 mark for the bay.

Last night it was decided, the curtain track was going up. I was amazed how easily it went. Measuring out the bracket positions; drilling the pilot holes; screwing the brackets in; clipping the track on; measuring the sides; removing the track; cutting the track; adding the end clips; clipping the track in and then affixing the curtains and over to the girlfriend for pleating them nicely.

We sat and enjoyed the experience of not looking at the building site across the road (old hospital buildings which I am sure are haunted – well we’re hoping for when some of the people move in!) and enjoying the experience of warmth not escaping through the window.

I am pleased with myself. That now means extra game time I think. Now back to that damned annoying Halo 2.

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