Formula 1 changes for the better

There’s been loads happening, mainly just dribs and drabs, although take are a couple of stories, so I’m going to use Editorial license and write about the lot!

Red Bull have bought Jaguar for what is said to be a measley amount. Still the team are bought and that means that the workers have a future and a good one with any luck. It also means that they are looking for drivers and the Team Principal Tony Purnell has confirmed that they will look at David Coulthard as a Driver.

I really hope Coulthard get’s a drive for the coming year at least. I still think he’s still a very good choice, I’ve talked about that before in another post.

Jordan have secured a one year deal with Toyota for an engine. This is great news, one of my favourite teams has been Jordan, and I really do hope they can keep going. Eddie Jordan certainly reminds me of me in his black and white, say it like it is approach to the media…which often lands him in trouble, but at least he’s open and honest!

More good news for the sport in general is that the teams have all managed to get together and decide to reduce testing, this means huge costs savings for the teams and allows them all enough money to run the full provisional calendar next year. That’s all nineteen races and includes Magny Cours and Silverstone.

This is still waiting approval and needs Ecclestone and the British Drivers Racing Club to agree to a deal, but it is certainly looking good for Silverstone next year now.

The only problem? Ferrari. They have not attended any of the meetings in relation to cutting costs and testing, and supposedly this is their choice. They don’t want reductions in cost or testing, and they are the only team who disagree…and strangely enough the repeat winners of the Constructors and Drivers Championsips.

I’ve always had a thing against Ferrari, and it was even warming to see the Top Gear presenters say that they are bored of Ferrari, and when comparing against the Aston Martin Vanquish V12 S, despite the Ferrari being better for driving, they chose the Martin for the looks and style. Good on you lads. Great car. Now, can you give me one after that plug?

…and that is that. One update on where F1 is and where it’s going. I really do hope that these changes pan out, otherwise the sport is doomed. It was another lacklustre season, although the competition was hotting up from 2nd and 3rd backwards, it’s still dull to watch the TV producers focus on the red car in front when there are some really exciting challenges happening further back.

That is something that needs to be sorted out as well, never mind all the technical aspects of the sport, get the TV coverage sorted out. Firstly, ensure that there are people monitoring the action, people with an eye on the race, not the TV channel, and let them drive which cameras to flip to. Let’s not keep missing the action.

ITV, get your act sorted out. If there’s a change to the schedule over the weekend then reschedule. For god’s sake, a 1am film repeated for the millionth time is not as important as the rescheduled qualifying. You’re more interested in your advert breaks than the sport.

I knew I could get a rant in there somewhere!

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