GM Cress to identify landmines

This is truly amazing. Another story from the Guardian Spark which shows how man is thinking of new ways to use technology, and frankly this one is on that border between totally bizarre and strangely compelling.

The UN have some astonishing figures of landmines, and they are clearly a problem throughout the world. Yet how do you clear them? It’s a very time hungry operation and can be extremely dangerous, but a company in Copenhagen have come up with an interesting solution.

The UN estimates there are over 100m landmines littered around the world, killing or maiming 2,000 people every month.

Aresa, a company from Copenhagen, has developed a type of Cress that reacts to Nitrogen Dioxide or heavy metals in the soil.

This means that when there is a trace of a landmine present, the Cress turns red in a similar way as leaves do in autumn. This is totally amazing, and you can just picture it. Sow an entire area with the Cress seeds dropped from the air, wait for it to grow, and then you’ll see where all the mines are. The Cress is also GM modifired to be sterile, and therefore not spread from the seeded area.

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