We’ve just had our second bad experience with IKEA in as many months, and it’s becoming a regular occurrence that they provide exceedingly poor customer service and sub standard goods. Let me take you through the events.

In August we moved into a new place, and it’s huge (as we’re always being told by first time visitors) so we needed to buy a load of furniture. So early last month we took a trip to IKEA and spent most of the day there purchasing approximately £800 worth of goods. This included a bench, two bedside cabinets, a two-four drawer chest, a lounge unit, three DVD units, a bookcase a hallway wine rack and drawer unit and a few odds and ends.

When we got home to open everything we found that the lounge unit was missing the base struts to allow the unit to stand and the two-four drawer chest was missing the top, so nothing too small missing.

We were expecting guests for dinner that evening and we found we couldn’t build these units that were now sitting around the hall half built. Our instructions told us to call IKEA. Now if you try and call any IKEA number you’re pulled through to a central call centre, as I was when I called the Edinburgh store.

I received a reference number and let them know the parts that were missing and the urgency of the situation. This is pretty much what I was told:

If you go to the store now you can collect the items, otherwise it will be three to four days and we’ll mail them out to you
IKEA Call Centre Staff

Not good enough. I purchased £800 worth of goods and paid for delivery. This was for the reason that nothing would fit in the car, I could not carry an entire unit top. Delivery also ensured piece of mind for me that the items would reach me in perfect condition, unlike posting an entire unit top with Royal Mail. That didn’t matter to IKEA, today if I drive out to collect or next week to wait for the items to be posted to me.

After some thought I picked a phone number from one of the orders I received and called the direct phone in the kitchen department where we bought the hall unit. I began explaining the situation and what happened, asking very politely if it would be possible for all the missing pieces to be sent out to us. Receiving nothing more than the standard response with some argumentative attitude thrown in against the customer, I asked to speak to the store Manager. Amazingly, on a busy Sunday I had just happened to catch the Store Manager on that extension.

I discussed the situation and said that I would have expected that delivery of the missing items wouldn’t be a problem, after all, according to the Sale of Goods Act (Revised) the goods were not sold as described or fit for purpose, so the customer should not be the one to be put out and feel aggrieved.

Can you believe that the “Store Manager” argued with me? His final decision, after I wouldn’t back down, as I expect where his normal bully tactics and awkwardness would lead, he said something very close to:

…well since you are the customer I suppose I should try and make you happy.
Claimed Store Manager of IKEA Edinburgh

Well done, that would be the major rule of any Business would it not? Oh, perhaps it’s just to make money.

Unfortunately all that could be found in store was the top of the two-four drawer chest, so we accepted a delivery to us that very day, and an hour or so later an IKEA employee arrived to drop off the unit top.

Once we began to build more we found that the unit that just had the new top attached, that it was missing all six front facia strips. These are the pieces between the drawer units, highly noticeable and were also required to hold the unit together.

I made another call to the central number to let them know what had happened. We had received the top, but had now found these further six pieces missing, and were still missing the base sections for the lounge unit.

The call was updated and we were told to expect delivery within three to four days. Our dinner party that evening was ruined, and our house was filled with half built furniture.

Those days passed, and there was nothing. I called the central number and told them what had happened, again. It seems that no one can see the history of the call in that call centre. The woman I spoke to agreed with me that the situation was awful and marked the call us urgent. Apparently this made the call go to the front of the queue and would be seen by the warehouse staff first.

That made no difference and we found ourselves waiting a further three days for the missing items to arrive. Now, rather than just drop off the replacement pieces, they brought entire new units. This presented a few problems.

The previous items were half built and without packing; the drivers had been told to collect all replaced goods but could not pickup half built furniture; receiving complete new units introduced the possibility of missing items again.

However, the driver left us the goods, returned to their van and called their office. They were back within five minutes to collect all the parts and carry them back to the van.

Finally, we built the items and nothing was missing, over a week after spending our money with the company and entering into a standard contract for supply of goods.

We had received the worst customer service I’ve had in a long time. “Store Manager” arguing with the customer, items not quality checked, the additional hassle and loss of use of purchased goods with little assistance to remedy.

Now this weekend, because we may have both sets of parents arriving for Christmas Dinner (our first Christmas together and in our house) we decided we needed to get a good dining table with chairs, and our choice was dropped to IKEA for affordability, and to be fair, because we had seen some nice tables there before.

Getting in early to avoid the madness we picked a table and chairs, received good service from the staff in store to assist in deciding on the purchase, note that we had not parted with monies yet. We decided on the table and six chairs (over £300 in total. Running total with IKEA, over £1,200), and made our way to the checkouts with the goods.

The first thing, and I am sure totally contravening current legislation, was that every IKEA customer is now charged 70p for using any credit card. This is, as they point, to enable IKEA to use the money to give back to the customer. But wait a minute, IKEA are charging me, the customer, that 70p. When exactly is it coming back to me? Definitely not in hard cash or in customer service.

The worst thing about this is that the only notification of this charge is on the small signs shown to indicate which cards are accepted. This is the standard size, smaller than A4, and it is placed on the actual checkout itself, and looks exactly like any other sign that states what cards are accepted. There is no real indication or warning to the customers that are not standing right next to the till that they will be charged for the privilege of using their credit cards.

I paid by Switch, luckily I had the cash available. We made our way to the IKEA delivery service and arranged for the delivery the following day. When you arrange delivery it’s amazing, you are not charged 70p. “Why?” I asked the gentleman:

…because customers wouldn’t agree to it, it’s not fair
IKEA Delivery Staff

Well done again, you have recognised that customers don’t like paying additional costs for using a credit card when other companies aren’t asking for it, and credit cards are probably the most accepted and used form of payment anywhere.

Sunday came, and the goods arrived after lunchtime. We unpacked and I could not believe it. We were missing the front leg section of one of the chairs, a complete set of screws for on of the chairs and there were no instructions for the table.

After spending all that money, and purchasing all those goods from one company, we’ve found a total of eleven pieces missing from four different pieces of furniture on two separate deliveries.

This time I didn’t even bother phoning any of the IKEA staff, we unpacked everything to make sure we weren’t missing anything else (we didn’t realise about the screws until later) and visited the store to talk to a young lad who didn’t even apologise for the poor quality of goods we received. However, he did give us new instructions and a new chair front.

I am never shopping at IKEA again. The poorest service I have received from a Company in a long time, and the worst quality of goods I have ever seen.

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  1. viccy moores Reply

    Hi don,t worry your not alone ,we have just bought a chest of draws with a bannana shaped top and a wardrobe with a warped door . To make things worse we could have predicted problems as two years ago we bought a kitcen costing near to two grand . We were back and forth with damaged parts and bits missing . The work tops were damaged and we were told we had to wait six weeks for them (we had waited this time for the kitchen to start with )we sourced a supplier of the same tops and they delivred them two days later and they were 100 pounds cheaper!!! We had the same rude , arrogant , and aggressive face off ,s with customer services . This is our experience in a very condenced form I could write a book !! Regards Viccy and Chris Moores (puchases from the warrington store

  2. pink rosy Reply

    I have spent thenday compiling a very long letter to Ikea as i have not had delivery of sofas promised last month!!!Customers service is appalling and the system a shambles!!!!reading on other sites this is not a new or isolated incident I supose having read the stories above it will not be right when and if i do get it!!!n And they have £800 of my cash!!

  3. sean near warrington Reply

    Hello – i’d like to add myself to this growing group of people who are not happy with ikea, ie. its service and products. I went to their warrington store today to buy a pair of curtains and a few bits and bobs. To start with, the curtains which we saw on the website were white with a red detail – just what we wanted so we embarked on the twenty mile round trip. Sadly the curtains were see-through with a red detail. Oh well never mind, bought some others instead. Got the bits and bobs. On the way to checkout, we spotted a bed base / bedframe which would do nicely in the spare room. Took it home, unpacked and assembled it (difficult due to poor manufacture or design, and i’m a tradesman), looked in the bottom of the boxes for the wooden lats and guess what? No lats! (These are the bits which keep the mattress off the floor).Posters plastered all round the site saying that the store is open ’til midnight – great – i’ll phone customer services, it’s only half ten. Robot phone menu says dial 5 for customer services, then says dial 4, then 5, then 4, then 5, then 4, then 5, on and on to an expensive number with no service whatsoever. You can guess what tomorrow will hold for ikea – another soldier in the army of disgruntled future ex-customers! Good luck you lot!

  4. Caroline, Plymouth Reply

    Thank God! Its not just me then …. this time the Bristol store. I finally had all my good delivered on Thursday by Ikea having had to endure 10 calls to their “customer service” centre (I know what order to press the numbers by now). Having waited for 2 “48 hour call backs” I refused a 3rd one.

    I too have boxes laying around the house waiting for collection (they didn’t give the courier the right paperwork – what a surprise!).

    Tomorrow a lengthy letter should be hitting someone’s desk in Rotherham – including advice that I will be charging them storage of £1/box/day if the boxes are not removed in 21 days.

    Has anyone written to Ikea and had a sensible and polite answer to their problems? I, for one, will be sending a copy of my letter to Watchdog if I don’t!

  5. Clare Reply

    We’ve had a massive problem in getting the delivery of an oven. It’s taken them since the beginning of August until now to deliver it & I’ve been without a kitchen for 5 v long weeks through their incompetence. They blame the courier people who in turn blame them but it’s all at the price of our phone bill, plus it’s cost a small fortune in takeaways & such! We want to right a letter of complaint, have you all addressed yours to the actual store?

  6. Mark Randall Reply

    Ikea is a cheep design solution for the home, if you get stuff so cheap expect it to come with a little grief!

  7. Richard Reply

    I disagree Mark, and so does the law. No matter how cheaply you sell something the Sales of Goods Act (revised) still applies. The goods have to be sold as described and must be fit for purpose. Both these statements are law, and nothing in that law says anything about allowing for failure or missing parts due to cheaper goods.

  8. Laura Reply

    See the problem with your analysis of the law is flawed – yes they do have to be as described yada blah blah but there is nothing (unfortunately) that says “and if they’re not the store manager must immediately drop everything and make sure you get it. You have two options – you can wait for a replacement to come or you can take it back but you can’t insist legally that they have to do it then and there…oh and to be careful a company can insist if you’ve started building the furniture that you’ve accepted the product and you lose ur right to terminate – always check everything is there before you start. It’s not just good organisation but affects your legal right to reject the goods.


  9. Richard Brunton Reply

    Not flawed. If they won’t supply replacements or repair within a reasonable time you can ask for your money back. So if they are saying weeks for a replacement part you can say money back thank you very much.

    As for the partial building, that’s a difficult one. If there were parts missing and it was obviously so should you have followed the manufacturers instructions, then there is an element of goodwill. However you position it though the goods did not conform to the Sales of Goods Act at time of sale. It does not affect your legal rights to ask for your money back on the goods as this contract was not honoured. At this stage some careful discussion is called for rather than arguements.

  10. Priya Mann Reply


    We have in the last week picked up stuff worth $1400 from Ikea- Elizabeth-New Jersey. Since they did not have the complete coordinated bed set, they asked us to visit Paramus…which we did. Unfortunately after starting the process of assembling the furniture, we realized that some parts were missing. We made another trip today and since we don’t have a car, we had to rent one. It is shocking that one of the night stands’ drawer base is small and requires replacement. We will now be making a third trip to Ikea due to their inventory defects and negligence. The attitude at the customer service desk is candid and couldn’t careless…as if to say “you are not the only ones giving us business”.

    Even after buying stuff worth $1400 in a week, they don’t think I am worth patronising…i don’t know what are they looking for and will they ever get it? I hope this is the last trip to be made to ikea in my LIFE.

  11. Darren Reply

    ikea >>>>>> 2.5K spent and not a kitchen in sight. Customer service is crap. no returned calls for 2 weeks every day the same lies…. 3 months and waiting and yet my money has gone!!!!! Please dont use IKEA ……. for your sanity.

  12. Fenja Reply

    What are you hoping to achieve with this? For ten years I have been an Ikea-fan,using them in different cities for different appartmens. The total money I spend there over the years goes way beyond 10.000 €!!!!! Yes, you read RIGHT!I have bought entire kitchens there, furnished entire guest appartments.

    IKEA HAS CHANGED AND IS GOING DOWNSCALE ! you are right on that. But I dont think its poor customer service, I think its a method. EVERYTIME I have bought something there over the last 3 years at least ONE item had to be returned because of mistakes,non-fitting etc.That means,going back, spending more money.The system works in more of 50% of the cases -just sit there for a day and talk to people.And why does it work? Because we all want it all, want it cheap, want it now!!And thats what we get -including ALL the bullshit that comes with it.

    Have you found an altenative yet? I have not. I live in Dublin now, Irland does not have an Ikea, like Austria,California or Germany had – dont ask how often I missed it, even after swearing I would never use them again!!The one-stop principle is unbeatable -and dont even ask about the prices!So, I guess, unless someone finally does it better than Ikea -its take the whole deal or take the other problems -the search, the prices, the 15 different locations….

  13. Foogirl Reply

    I have shopped at Ikea for many years. Only problem I have ever had was a centre strut for a bed which was too short. Called and got a very helpful woman who said if I returned the entire box to the store I’d get a new one. Said that was impossible, the bed was built – except from the strut (of course we checked we had all the pieces before we started – problem was it was the wrong length – should we have measured all the bits?) Anyways, it was also for a property I owned which was 200 miles north from here (and from Ikea) so I pointed out that the cost of this bit of wood being wrong was quite high. She suggested I returned to the store. Which I did, and they simply gave me another bit. However, little known information to share with you, if you have to return to the store, the company policy (apparently) if you ask for it (which you should) is that they will pay your mileage for coming back. So I did. And they did. There was a little bit of bartering since really the mileage 400 from the dodgy bed to the store, not 5 from my house to the store. I think we settled somewhere in the middle.

    Apart from that, no problems at all. As Fenja says, the bottom line is, they are cheap and the stuff generally is fairly good quality for the price. And it’s instant. Yes if you want it delivered you wait for a few days, but have you tried buying a bed anywhere else? 14-21 days delivery. Ikea….Tuesday do you? Same for other types of furniture. You want a bedside cabinet and a wardrobe? Even at MFI they have nothing held in stock – at Ikea you can go on a wednesday night and have the thing up by the time you make the cocoa (and this nonsense about it being difficult…..? What? Simple.)

    The only question I have is….if they were so bad that it encouraged you to rant about it in the first place, why the blazes did you go again? You say it was cheap, but it aint THAT cheap. You could have bought Argos and waited the 14-21 days for the same price. Or MFI and waited a week for a little more.

    Vote with your feet.

  14. Richard Reply

    I’ve voted with my feet, and now my fingers. The very first action was to stop handing them money for such a poor service.

    Alternatives? Plenty, you just have to look, and no problem for delivery. Sometimes I’ll wait longer for an item, but I’m happier because I’m getting good service and know that I’ll receive an item with all the parts included. More often than not though I can just pick it up there and then.

    I bought an amazing bed from a bed shop, delivered and built in my room for me. It’s lasted almost ten years now and has many more left in it…I don’t think the same could be said for Ikea quality or service.

  15. karen Reply

    for heaven’s sake Richard…I am currently furnishing a new house and yeah things go wrong with basically everyone you buy from, it isn’t great but a lot depends on how they fix things for you. Most customer service takes a couple of shots to sort out and they are more helpful if you don’t go off on one!

    (…and who plans to spend the day of a dinner party building the furniture to sit on…?)

  16. Richard Reply

    Karen you are obviously happy to accept sub standard service. There is no reason why a service cannot be provided correctly first time, and there’s every reason why this should be the case. If you pay for a service that is the service you expect – I was not paying for products that were incomplete and faulty and a customer service that wouldn’t fix this issue first time.

    If you’re happy paying for that kind of service whenever you buy a product then that’s fine, you can hand over your money to companies who are willing to take your cash and think about the customer last. You’re obviously one of those people who are just happy to sit back and let things happen in life, like companies treating you as an easy source of profit. You are the type of person that helps perpetuate poor, and often illegal customer service.

    While running my companies I’ve been very sure to put customer service at the forefront, that is the most important thing and ensures customer retention.

    Who plans this? Obviously me, the above post says so, it’s quite clear, didn’t you catch that? The planning part was unavoidable. Would you have had the company’s poor service control your own calendar and quite happily accept that?

  17. ryan Reply

    yeah i agree with karen i owned 2 maplin stores back in 1997, bassicly some customers love trying to catch retail stores out on anything they can. wether it be abusive, or just damn right rudeness yet they dont remember, we the seller didnt physicly make it in a factory so we wasnt to know. Refunds should never not be an option for a customer but remember, if you start getting angry or abusive to a seller, you have then ruined your chance to even be allowed in the shop. People are not payed to take abuse but I also agree the seller should strive to make the customer happy, ryan

  18. Richard Brunton Reply

    Ryan, I’m sure there are bad customers, the situation above though is not such a case and I’m very careful about not “having a go” at the member of staff addressing me. However, pleading ignorance as a shop owner and saying “the seller didnt physicly make it” isn’t correct.

    The shop, as per the Sale of Goods Act (revised) is responsible for the goods, and the customer must return to the store from which they were purchased, not the manufacturer. The contract of purchase is with the store, not the manufacturer and it is the store that must ensure they are selling goods that are fit for purpose and sold as described.

    You are right, customers should remain calm, not get angry and realise that the person in front of them is not necessarily to blame for the cause of the problem, but is responsible for resolving it in a satisfactory manner.

  19. Foogirl Reply

    Voted with your feet? No, they were so terrible, so bad so unacceptable that you went back a second time. And I’ll bet you did that because they were much cheaper and more convenient than anyone else. And that’s why they are so successful.

    They are responsible for goods, but if they were to employ enough staff to check every box they would add that to the cost.

    I found the Edinburgh manager to be very helpful. I asked nicely they treated me nicely. There was a problem but they dealt with it very well. I didn’t have to mis-quote the sale of goods act to them to get action.

    As for options, we spent 2 hours last weekend trying to find somewhere that had reasonably priced 2nr 3 drawer chests in stock. Argos had 1 each at their stores on opposite sides of the City. Most of their furniture is mail order only on a 14-21 day delivery. MFI 3 week delivery. Harveys, Homebase, Roseby’s – all over £100 quid each. We went to the Bedshed for a bed and even they don’t carry much in local stock. We ended up buying one unit at Straiton and the other at Fort Kinnaird. Ikea would have won the day but they had none we liked. Once upon a time everyone had stuff in stock. But now Ikea have the edge as they are one of the few that do.

    I also agree with Karen. What kind of person plans a dinner party without being sure they have somewhere to sit????

  20. Richard Reply

    Yes, voted with my feet. I’ve never been back since the issue was resolved.

    Frankly as the customer I don’t care what the internal procedures of the company are, that’s their issue to deal with.

    If you are in a bar and you order a drink, pay your money and the bartender says “I’m sorry, you’ll have to wait two hours until the next member of staff comes on. My shift is finished and they haven’t arrived” you’d say thank you very much and sit and wait? I think not. I wouldn’t.

    Companies should not advertise a service they cannot provide.

    Perhaps if Ikea manufactured and assembled the packs of furniture correctly in the first instance then the issues wouldn’t occur.

    There’s also no misquote made from the Sales of Goods Act.

    As for the dinner party, I’ve already answered that question and the answer was written above, if you’d taken the care to read it perhaps you would have come back with a more intelligent response. Perhaps something like, could you explain why the party was arranged to tie in perfectly with the arrival of the furniture early that morning with enough time laid aside to assemble it and be ready well in advance, obviously not expecting to be sold goods which didn’t contain all the parts required for assembly?

    However you try and put phrase it, the substandard quality and service was not down to my dinner party. It was down to the people who manufactured and sold the product to me.

  21. Steve Reply

    Get the over it. its a shop. these things don’t ruin your life unless you let it.

    You know what happened to edward norton after he ordered too much stuff from ikea….

  22. Duncan Reply

    I have products from Ikea Warrington for many years now (approaching 20) always found staff helpful, and when bits have been missing, either the 30 mile round trip for non-postable items, or 2-3 days for postable items (on one occasion direct from Sweden in that time).

    It seems to have taken a long time in this thread for a bit of common sense to come out. Who would start building flat pack furniture the day of a dinner party?? I spent most of yesterday building furniture and the last thing I wanted was was a dinner party, takeaway and cold beer was all that was needed.

    One other thing that isn’t mentioned here is comparison to other organisations, whether retail, utilities, etc. In my experience over the last few years I would say that customer services at Ikea are no worse than anywhere else and probably better than most, and whilst this should not excuse it, it demonstrates the general attitude where the customer no longer is king.

    Sorry to rant but I am a reasonably satisfied Ikea customer, and my daughter has just become a second generation customer to them (her choice), and furniture was easily assembled by her, her boy friend and brother aged 18 – 21 with no previous experience and a bit of guidance from me.

  23. Richard Brunton Reply

    I wonder if there are some IKEA employees posting comments here? There may well be because there seem to be a lot of commenters trying to tell me that it’s my fault that the supplied goods were not complete because I decided to buy them and use them!

    This has nothing to do with the reasoning for the purchase, nor the time period before their use. That was not in the contract of sale. The contract of sale was to provide self assembly furniture that could be assembled fully, and the monetary transaction was between myself and IKEA, IKEA agreed in that contract to provide the service and failed to. Then they failed to provide adequate customer service to that.

    There is no excuse for breaking a contract of sale, and why people should put up with giving their money to a company and the company not supplying the purchased goods or services is beyond me.

  24. Phil Reply

    If you found a piece missing, called the store manager and he dispatched a member of staff with a replacement on the same day, I think that is incredible customer service. If you’d noticed what else was missing before calling, ou could have received those parts too. I’m now more assured about shopping at IKEA having read about your experiences.

  25. Paul Anderson Reply

    Well, that’s just a bit too much whining for my liking. Yes, IKEA may be a little less than perfect on customer service, but they will always sort things out for you, maybe just a little slower than you might like. I’m quite sure that if they employed enough ass-licking customer service personnel to keep people like you happy, then their furniture would lose its competitive price.

    Regarding your comment on the ‘illegal’ credit card of 70p – it’s not illegal, it’s just them covering their costs. Have you ever booked a flight with Ryanair? They change you about £4 per person for the priviledge of using a credit card. IKEA (and all other retailers) pay about 2.5% of the value of the sale to the credit card company. 70p on top of your £800 spend is 0.0875% – not a bad deal really. And did it really kill you to use your debit card?

    As for the design of their furniture – if your follow their instructions you cant go wrong. I’m a graduate engineer and came across case studies on IKEA design because of its idiot-proof nature. You knew you were buying flat-pack, so doint complain about having to build it!

  26. robert downing Reply

    just think thought all your trouble could have been resolved at the store if you would have returned its like any store eg tesco or B&Q you have to go back. its not ikeas fault you live far away.

  27. Richard Brunton Reply

    Paul you’ve totally misquoted me – I never said the 70p charge was illegal, that phrase does not exist on this page apart from in your comment. I would suggest you re-read the comment with the word illegal in it, and you’ll clearly see it does not even relate to Ikea.

    I never complained about having to build the furniture, again you should actually read the posts. It’s extremely poor that they can’t follow proper QA procedures to ensure that all the pieces are actually in the box.

    Customer service does not mean employing more people, it means making the people you do employ be kind and helpful to customers, that’s all. It’s not as if I’m asking for anything other than the service I’ve paid for.

    No wonder poor customer service companies thrive when there are so many people like yourselves willing to accept it.

  28. Richard Brunton Reply

    Oh, and Robert, if I’d paid for delivery from anywhere, I would expect the replacement\missing parts to be redelivered.

    An example I shall write about later for Dominos. They delivered the wrong pizza, I called them and as soon as I had explained what had happened they said the proper pizza would be redelivered in 20 minutes, with full refund, free bottle of coke and we could keep the first pizza. The order arrived as promised. Now that’s customer service.

    So despite their mistake, the customer feels as though their problem has been addressed and resolved and so much so that they will return.

  29. Robert Downing Reply

    We are not talking about a common fast food place but a funiture company. They did offer you a resolution but it has to be at there time scale as the world doesnt revole around you. The 70p charge is there on products for using a credit card / mastercard because this is what the companys charge ikea for you using your card, the delivery company are a third party company so dont issue the charge. Also in the sales of goods act it states that if the problem can be resolve then no faily to meet this act. I shop at ikea and they have one of the best customer service in the country for a company that size having only 14 stores in the uk. i know this as i check up on this for a living and the have been voted the best in many polls and thats why the are a big success and continue to grow and i hope Richards views havent put you off.

  30. Richard Brunton Reply

    Okay, let me try and separate those points and address them:

    Fast food company or Ikea it matters not, these are both service companies supplying and delivering a product for cost, the issue is the customer service and here we see they are miles apart and Dominos offers the same cheap labour model as Ikea – they can supply the customer service and still retain a low cost staffing model.

    As for the timescale comment, well actually the world does revolve around me in this situation – I’m the customer paying for the service, they are taking my money in order to supply that service and we have agreed the quality and content of that service at the point of sale.

    70p – well I do object to having to pay that because no other purchase I have made with any other company has asked me to pay that fee. None. They all absorb it into their cost\profits, however if I choose to pay by credit card Ikea are charging me extra. It doesn’t matter to me, the consumer, why they are doing it. If I use a credit card they are charging me extra.

    As for the resolved comment, I’m not sure what you mean. Where exactly in the act are you referring to? There are sections taking timescales and resolved but all mention in “reasonable times” and are “satisfactory to the customer”. So if it is resolved to my satisfaction then yes, that’s well and good. That does not remove my right to advertise to the world the failings of that service.

    “best customer service in the country for a company that size having only 14 stores in the uk. i know this as i check up on this for a living” – give us some evidence rather than making claims like that.

    I could say my job involved finding the worst customer services in the world and we’d found that Ikea was number three in the charts – It’s just a faceless statement.

  31. Paul Anderson Reply

    Sorry Richard – I did mis-quote you – you said the 70p charge was “totally contravening current legislation” – I would consider things that contravene legislation to be illegal, but we can ride with your definition if you’d like. Either way, IKEA are not the only company who charge this, and like a said before – the 70p is substantially less than it actually costs them to recieve the transaction. Incidentally, you referred to a comment made by “IKEA” delivery staff – deliveries are made by a third party delivery company, not IKEA itself.

    You compare IKEA to Dominoes – they’re not really the same kind of thing. Dominoes charges a premium for their pizzas compared to most other pizza shops – local, privately owned ones, for example. IKEA on the other hand is primarily a low-cost provider. If they started footing a £50 delivery charge to send out a missing part to you as soon as you stamp your feet and cry about it, they couldnt charge their low prices.

    You should have compared like-for-like to make your review un-biassed. For example, you could compare Easyjet to BMI. Both airline carriers are bound by the same laws, but you certainly don’t expect to get the same level of customer service from easyjet as you do from BMI. On easyjet, you fight for a seat which has little leg room, whilst on BMI you have allocated seats with 2″ more leg room. Some BMI fares will allow you to change your flight without charge, where easyjet will charge you £25 for the privilidge, but you accept these things because you’ve booked the easyjet flight for its budget price. Incidentally, easyjet will charge you about £4 for using a credit card to book.

    IKEA did offer to reslove your problems, and most people would accept that a couple of day’s wait is perfectly reasonable.

    I spent £700 there last weekend, and only had two minor annoyances – the store was busy (not that that can be helped – they’re just popular), and they were out of stock of the arm-chairs I wanted (again- they can’t be faulted if demand out-strips supply). This was made up for by the fact that they forgot to charge me for a dining table…

    In conclusion, if you want some smarmy salesman to pander to your every wish (including polishing your ego), wait for 3-6 weeks for delivery and pay a hefty premium, avoid IKEA. But if you want to get all your furniture under one roof for reasonable prices and be able to take it home in your car that same day, then go for IKEA.

  32. Richard Brunton Reply

    Okay, let’s go through this and I’ll try to speak slowly. As a customer it does not matter to me what is happening behind the scenes. I am told that IKEA are charging me extra for transactions by credit cards because those credit card companies charge them. At no other company, ever, have I been charged this. So my natural understanding of the situation is that they are charging the customer when no other retailers are.

    Again, from the point of view of the customer, I go to a company, purchase goods, and within their store as part of their service they offer a delivery. To the customer that’s the same company. Sure if they were on different premises with different logos everywhere then the customer would clearly see they are separate companies, this doesn’t happen and the natural understanding is once again that they are the same company.

    They are the very same example. A company that provides a service for the customer in return for payment, it doesn’t matter what the service is, and both companies are covered by the same Sales of Goods Act. Premium charge or not, they are doing the same thing, and when they make a mistake with their product or service they know that to retain customers and ensure good customer service you fix the customers problem immediately and compensate them.

    Let me address one of your statements where you attempt to be dismissive and derogatory:

    “If they started footing a £50 delivery charge to send out a missing part to you as soon as you stamp your feet and cry about it, they couldnt charge their low prices.”

    The goods and service they supplied for payment broke the Sales of Goods Act, and so rather than just accept this failure on their part to honour the agreement made by the purchase of the goods, I decided to contact them and request they fixed the service.

    Here’s a thought. If they honoured the Sales of Goods Act then they wouldn’t have to pay out all these delivery charges to rectify problems that they cause and continue to inflame.

    IKEA did eventually resolve the problem, under much pressure and duress from myself. Their offer was not, as the Sales of Goods Act states, reasonable in my circumstances. Instead of resolving the problems as they arose, they argued and didn’t listen to their customer. You can hardly expect me to believe that you think the behaviour above is what you expect from companies when you buy a service from them.

    Once again though you’ve totally missed the point, there’s no ego massaging, there’s no salesman required, there’s just quality assurance on their products, honouring of the Sales of Goods Act, and resolution of problems as they arrive.

    I like how you neatly play IKEA as the perfect company and all other furniture companies overpriced, offering lengthy deliveries and not allowing you to get your products home. Do you work for IKEA as well?

    Since this I’ve ordered and had delivered furniture from other stores quite easily (I don’t pick up in the car as there’s no space to carry). Delivery has been offered next day, prices are as reasonable as IKEA (sometimes slightly more to offer quality products).

  33. paul Reply

    Like other people have said, get a life, these things happen. If you buy something yes, you do want it to be in good working order but when things are clearly made in such quantities there are going to be the occasional problems. All the goods are mass produced using machinery to avoid high labour costs thus the cheaper price products.

    To expect something to be sent out and delivered to you instantly is hardly fair. Surely that would mean that other people would have to wait for their products because the delivery driver would have to return to the store to pick up the relevant parts and travel back to you. What about those other people who suddenly realised that they needed a dinning table etc. at short notice? Surely waiting a few days cant be a problem for a replacement part.

    If you go round quoting the Sale of Goods Act to people they are instantly going to think “we have a know it all” and you are therefore going to put them off you.

    Did you ever wonder why you didn’t pay for delivery at the main tills and that they have a different pricing structure, would that be because they are not IKEA?!

    As you clearly stated, when you returned to the store concerning the issue of the chair leg it was sorted there and then, what more do you want. There was a problem and it was resolved, job done.

  34. Richard Brunton Reply

    “Like other people have said, get a life, these things happen.”

    I have a wonderful life thanks. Yes these things do happen, that doesn’t make them right, or legal.

    “things are clearly made in such quantities there are going to be the occasional problems”

    Yet I know from having worked in three different similar furniture stores in my life that it happens constantly, the problem rate is well above 40%, and that is a major issue. After all we’re talking eight problems with five large items and eight chairs. That’s over 60% problem rate.

    “To expect something to be sent out and delivered to you instantly is hardly fair”

    No, instantly is impossible. There’s travelling time at least.

    “Surely that would mean that other people would have to wait for their products”

    Not my problem. increasing quality control and ensuring that customers receive good and positive customer service is the answer to ensuring that people receive their goods on time.

    “What about those other people who suddenly realised that they needed a dinning table etc. at short notice? Surely waiting a few days cant be a problem for a replacement part.”

    Well they shouldn’t need a replacement part should they? The quality control and checking at production should ensure that the problem rate is incredibly low. If they do have a problem though, it seems that there are a few people out there who are happy to accomodate the company rather than have the law followed and their rights adhered to.

    “If you go round quoting the Sale of Goods Act to people they are instantly going to think “we have a know it all” and you are therefore going to put them off you.”

    Put them off? Well Sales of Goods Act is the contract between the customer and the company, it’s something called the law. So if that “puts them off” they shouldn’t be running a business dealing with customers! This isn’t about pandering to company employees and ensuring they don’t get upset about things, it’s about honouring a legal contract. Knowing your rights and standing up for them is much better than sitting back and letting companies control you.

    “Did you ever wonder why you didn’t pay for delivery at the main tills and that they have a different pricing structure, would that be because they are not IKEA?!”

    So? That doesn’t matter to the customer. Both companies are offering a service on the same premises for the same goods without any clear distinction to indicate different companies and contracts, and if IKEA did want that distinction made they should have clear, seperate premises, logos and warnings of seperate contracts. That aside, they still have to honour the agreement made with the customer.

    “As you clearly stated, when you returned to the store concerning the issue of the chair leg it was sorted there and then, what more do you want. There was a problem and it was resolved”

    One problem was resolved, the others were not.

  35. Chris Davey Reply

    By the looks of it I’m not alone believing and now realising that IKEA are CHEAP .. Cheap crapping products, Cheap pandering Customer Service, I’d have been better off sticking my money in the BBQ for all the use IKEA have been to me ..

    PAY BY CREDIT CARD.. IF THE GOODS ARE NO GOOD OR BROKEN THEN CANCEL THE PAYMENT ON THE INSURANCE AND TELL THEM TO PICK UP THE SCRAP OR ALL OF IT WHATEVER.. Leave it in the rain but inform them they have a set time limit or it will be left for the bin men. Dont reject on epart – they never give you the right bit back, reject teh lot .. it makes them sit up and work harder.

    That feels better !

  36. w brad Reply





  37. Sinclair Reply

    Please allow me to add my comments to those dissatisfied with IKEA customer service.

    I purchased a Dalfors coffee table from the IKEA Long Island, New York store and upon trying to assemble it, found the threads damaged on one of the casters. Knowing IKEA has a spare parts center (obviously realizing their quality control is lacking) I took the defective caster to the store along with the instructions with the part number. Not having the part in stock, they wanted my receipt in order to open a box of the same product to supply a caster. I didn’t have my receipt as it wasn’t required in the past to get a part. But because they lacked the part, I was told I had to return with my receipt in order to get a replacement.

    On its website, IKEA claims that its business “…shall have an overall positive impact on people and the environment.” What a joke. This experience certainly didn’t have a positive impact on me and it certainly can’t help the environment to require me to drive the sixty four miles round trip from my home to the store polluting the atmosphere for the lack of a simple caster and a less rigid mindset on the part of the customer service manager.

    I’m glad to see I’m not the only one that’s had such a poor experience. The word should go out that cheap prices equate with poor quality control and worse customer service. I well never set foot in the store again after I return the lousy Dalfors table and get my money back. You always get what you pay for!

  38. tuairimiocht Reply

    I bought ikea furniture online and the delivery date was two weeks later. Fair enough I thought. What was initially annoying was that they took the £200 out of my bank account immediately, sent me a confirming email that “was not a contract” and gave me the delivery date.

    They rang that week to confirm delivery and I arranged to get rid of my couch. On the day of, I waited at home all day, until by four o’clock I got impatient and rang them. They said they had no record of the delivery in their system and that I would have to wait another two weeks, and that I would be entered into their system as a new customer. There was no apology, just indifference.

    So now I am without a couch and still waiting. The a**holes.

  39. Mark Reply

    Paid £2.k to Ikea for a kitchen at their Warrington store, have now had (wait for it) 4 failed deliveries from their carriers DHL, I ordered the goods some five and a half months ago. Again, as the above reviewer says, complete indifference from both Ikea Warrington and DHL. Fobbed off on a daily basis with ridiculous lies about ‘how-its-being-processed’, no returned calls, no compensation, now pursuing making a claim against them. Now spoken to 8 advisors, 2 supervisors and 2 senior managers and not one of these 12 morons can sort 7 kitchen units from Peterborough to Chester!

    My advice, like other disatisfied customers above is , STEER WELL CLEAR OF THESE IDIOTS!!

    There are lots of other genuine alternatives out there.

    Pathetic service (or lack of) beyond belief. Yes you read it right, 4 failed deliveries!!!

  40. Mark Reply


    Many thanks for making this forum available, it was myself who entered the above account of the failed deliveries and poor service, just to expand upon this, I have copied my original complaint letter for everyone to read:

    As an Ikea customer for over 15 years, and always feeling satisfied with the service, I decided to order a kitchen through Ikea in April of this year. Taking advantage of your online design software I originally created my own kitchen plan at home and decided to visit Ikea Warrington to gain help in completing this. At the same time I intended to both place an order and arrange for installation at the store.

    I arrived at Ikea Warrington at 8.30pm on Saturday 7th April. Aware that the store was open until 10pm I deliberately chose this time when the store would be quiet in order to gain the best attention from your staff. After loading my design onto one of your computers, I asked for assistance from one of your staff members, your representative was Nicola Lester. She explained she had little understanding of how your computer design software worked so called for assistance. After waiting ten minutes another store representative appeared who gave me brief instruction. She then apologised and left, appearing to me to be preoccupied with other work. I was still however unclear how to complete my design. Minutes later I approached Nicola again who apologised further but said there was now nobody available to assist me further. Unhappy with this I then made my way to the next department to an open planned office where I again requested further assistance. As I returned to the kitchen department I overheard two assistants I had spoken to earlier signal they were now leaving for a break. Upon return from her break one of these assistants helped me complete my design.

    The ordering process was equally long-winded. Nicola was clearly new and was unclear how to operate the computer to process my order. Other assistants were preoccupied with finishing end of day jobs. Subsequently, advice was not offered to me on selecting the appropriate electricals, my requirements were not taken into account and I was told to “go and pick” handles, taps, sink, hobs and other equipment. (At one stage it was explained that I had to order the handles from the Market downstairs and not as part of the order, but this was later corrected by another member of staff). The whole process was disorganised and in total took one and a half hours. Neither the installation nor the delivery service was properly explained in this time. Despite this, I made a payment for £250 as deposit for my kitchen.

    Your delivery company DHL (who answer the phone as ‘Ikea home delivery’) called to arrange a date some eight weeks after the initial order took place. Unclear that the installation and delivery companies were separate services I was surprised the advisor calling me had no idea what was being delivered. (SIS Holding in Manchester later wrote to me to explain the installation service).

    The process of arranging delivery was initially delayed as DHL explained they could only offer a Tuesday delivery to my area (Chester). A date of Tuesday 17th July was booked between the hours of 7am – 6pm, this being booked four weeks in advance of the delivery day. As there had been no contact prior to the delivery date from DHL to reconfirm delivery, I decided to contact DHL directly to double check the delivery time. I phoned at 11am and I was assured delivery by 6pm that day. Despite this DHL failed to deliver and I called after 6pm to complain. I was told the delivery had failed on the grounds of health and safety reasons, I spoke to supervisor Dawn. A new delivery for Saturday 21st July was then organised between 7am – 1pm and it was explained to me this would be operated by a separate courier service. Again, I received no delivery on the Saturday and called again to complain. I was surprised to hear that DHL were now unable to track my order, nor explain why delivery had failed, the supervisor this time was Lyn. Mindful that a date for Thursday 26th July had been arranged for installation I requested a date as soon as possible for a third attempt at delivery and was offered Wednesday 25th July between 6 – 8pm. Again DHL failed to deliver, and by now feeling extremely annoyed and frustrated rang DHL to speak to a senior manager. The person I spoke to was Pauline who again, was unable to offer any explanation as to why delivery had failed. I was assured by Pauline that the matter would now be passed to Ikea and somebody would call me to offer a way forward. I never received a call back. Instead I found myself contacting Ikea Warrington, who were unable to offer further advice, and distancing themselves by saying the matter was no longer their responsibility as it was DHL in Peterborough who were dealing with the delivery. I complained on a further two occasions, both times no senior manager available to take my call. The advisors had no additional information to offer other that an address to complain. (Later I was to receive a call from Amy at Ikea Warrington who rearranged installation with SIS Holdings and contacted DHL to arrange for a fourth attempted delivery on Saturday 18th August). It was at this stage for the first time it was explained to me that installation would take 2 days and not 1 day as previously explained.

    I contacted DHL on the evening of Friday 17th August to double check the booking for the following day. I was put through to supervisor Dawn again, who apologised, and to my disbelief, explained the delivery would now not take place as this has been booked on the incorrect date by her manager Pauline. The following day, (for the second time) I had to turn away the installers from my front door. Before leaving they commented this was the worst case of customer service they had seen.

    As mentioned at the start of this letter, I have been an Ikea customer for over 15 years. Choosing Ikea was a natural choice after previously being happy with the service, and despite several local businesses offering kitchens at a more competitive price I decided to drive the 20 miles to Ikea Warrington instead. The service I received in the store was uncooperative, lacking and disorganised. My needs were neither understood nor met and the store representatives were ill advised and lacked training in the software provided. Despite my willingness to purchase a kitchen for over £3000 there was little 1 to 1 support despite the store being quiet at the time of my visit. The service process and time scales were not fully explained and the four staff I spoke to gave conflicting advice in the time I was there.

    Your delivery company DHL are a disgrace. For a company of this magnitude to fail a delivery to a UK mainland major city on four consecutive occasions begs belief, and failing to contact me with any explanation after each failed delivery on all four occasions further makes me angry. Supervisor Dawn’s last words to me on Friday 17th August were, “We are unable to track where your goods are”. I had ordered these items some 17 weeks previously.

    I have since written to my local newspaper about this incident and intend to highlight these incidents online.

    At this moment, I have lost 2 days from work, have rearranged dates on 6 occasions made over 17 phone calls, waited at home for over 20 hours for failed deliveries and have yet to receive any goods. This has not only been extremely stressful but incredibly frustrating at the same time. Under the circumstances and feeling fed up I am demanding a full refund of my money paid to you so far and in addition to this compensation for the stress caused.

    Further to this, I will not be using or recommending Ikea again.

  41. Iain Reply

    I’m glad to see that I’m not alone in having personal IKEA sagas. It is a real shame that nothing seems to be done about it. I guess IKEA know that customers will still come despite this and shrug it off as collateral.

    My own issue started with a wardrobe order on 15th January 2008 and finally closed today on 1st April 2008 with a partial refund. This was an in-store order which was to be delivered by DHL in Peterborough.

    The highlights of the SAGA are;

    1.Wrong colour wardrobes being delivered with 3 failed deliveries in order to rectify the situation (one was a delivery of the same items – the order had been put in the wrong way round). I gave up in the end and a friend took me there in a large van to pick them up

    2. The design I was sold, having taken time to choose with the help of the design system instore, was incorrect (I bought 200cm tall wardrobe but was sold accessories for the larger 230cm one) leaving me with £100 of unusable items (eventually refunded today)

    3. Someone calling me back to tell me that someone would call me back to resolve the issue

    All the way through it was very apparent that the customer service staff were incompetent. Some refused to put me trough to supervisors saying that it would change nothing. However nothing got done unless I spoke to a supervisor. They would try to fob me off each time with nothing happening as a result.

    In all I would say, buy from IKEA but don’t use their distribution service. Also, just don’t expect to have any problems resolved quickly and without numerous phone calls/store visits. You as a customer are not that important to them – well at least after you’ve paid your money. Pay by credit card (yes, the 70p is annoying but I’d rather pay that and have the services of the CC company to assist in any disputes).

    Try not to get stressed about it. In know it’s easy to say when you are faced with indifferent staff who just try to get rid of you and don;t really listen to your problem from your point of view.

    Good luck…

  42. Nick Rimmer Reply

    I have now sent the email below 40 times and no response apart from the usual auto reply, the way Ikea treat their customers is disgusting. I am in the process of reporting this to trading standards.


    Please find below the timeline with my issues:

    19th April

    IKEA – Edinburgh

    Bought goods to a value of £600.31 + £90.00 for delivery. Was told at this point that all the items were in stock. I paid for these items then proceeded to arrange a home delivery.

    25th April

    The delivery arrived with the following items missing:

    3 – PAX N WRD FRM 50x58x201 OAK EFF 101.215.44

    7 – PAX NEXUS DOOR 50X195X OAK VEN 000.503.30

    2 – KOMPL CLOTHES RAIL 100 CHAMP 001.060.68

    2 – PAX N CB/WLL CB 100X58X77/70 OAK EF 301.215.38

    No explanation as to why these were missing, even although in the store I had been told otherwise.Phoned at 1pm and a customer advisor from Edinburgh said they would look into it and get back to me that day, did not receive a reply.

    26th April

    On Saturday morning I has to phone Customer Servies again, as no one phoned back and I spoke to a Susan, she verified that I would receive all my goods on Friday 2nd May 2008.

    29th April

    Kimberley phoned from Customer services and left a message asking which Friday we were expecting delivery ??

    30th April

    Phoned IKEA and was informed that some items were still out of stock and now do not have a definite delivery date.

    1st May

    Phoned and informed that part of our order would be shipped on 5th May and the rest of order by the end of the month.

    4th May

    Message left on our phone, to inform us that delivery on 4th now not possible, no reason given. And changed to the 5th May, I cannot get the 5th of May off work, as I have now taken so much time off trying to sort this out.

    Have now been waiting for someone to answer in Home Delivery for 40 minutes, only to be told the cannot find my

    paperwork for the delivery, what kind of operation are you running here ??

    I have requested that a manager phone me, this was requested at 5.05pm.

    Can I please have a response on this ?


    Nick Rimmer

  43. John Hinsley Reply

    Bought a complete kitchen including expensive induction hob, they took around four months to deliver all the items. Two boxes containing kitchen units were obviously damaged, which they eventually replaced; unfortunately the hob was also smashed inside its box, which didn’t look damaged but must have been dropped. Sadly, by the time I discovered this it was more than six months from the date of purchase – and under the Sale of Goods Act you only have six months to examine the goods. Ikea are now saying I must have broken it myself, and are refusing to help whatsoever.

    My only compensation is now to vent my spleen in forums like this (this is my fourth, and counting) to try and cost them some sales. Avoid this bunch of careless, uncaring thieves like the plague.

  44. Rocio Reply

    I order a chest of drawers 1 month ago, the deliver never apear in my house. When i call ikea costumer service to ask what was going on the told me that the deliver to a neighbour called Mr Siby. Of coruse i dont know how is this person, i ask where abour this person is supouse to live tthe girl told about 3 diferent numbers of the door, and at the end tell me to ask in a number thar dosent exist in my street (is a shop). After tell her this fact she told me to ask to my husband (im not married) . I think she just dosent know what more to tell so she just promise me the driver will come to my place to find my chest of drawers the same day.

    of course he never came. Day after, another call , they just denyed all the say the day before and they told me they deliver the chest of drawers to the correct adress.

    After more than to weeks os dairy calls i stil not having my Chest of drawers and neither my money back. My english is not very good so its being quite dificult to defeat myself by the phone , im really desesperate, i dont know what can i do.

  45. weblog.brunton.org.uk Reply

    Hi Rocio. Again, I’m no expert on these things, but my humble advice would be to talk to Citizens Advice Bureau and see if they can help. Failing that if you have a friend who can write strong English then perhaps they could write a letter to Ikea for you.

    If your spoken English isn’t that good then I would suggest keep everything in writing, and don’t be afraid to explain in the letter that the reason you’re writing, and that you want to keep everything written, is because you don’t want to be misunderstood.

    It’s actually a strength anyway because if everything is in writing then you have more comeback.

    Basically it comes down to the fact that they haven’t delivered the goods to you, and I’d keep pushing on that front.

  46. Anonymous Reply

    Ikea – Terrible Products – Terrible Service

    Lousy, trashy products and customer service to match.

    Given my recent experience — it is clear that at Ikea “customer satisfaction” is neither a business strategy nor a business value !!!!

    I recently received highly unsatisfactory costumer service from the Ikea Canada staff. I purchased a piece of kitchen furniture a while ago. Because I was in the midst of renovations, I did not unpack the item for a while, and when I did – I noticed that the wood of one of the legs (a hard wood type) had fractured. The item was defective.

    When I called the customer service, not only was I placed on hold again and again (for a good hour), but the staff showed an utter reluctance to actually deal with the problem. Even though the item was still unassembled, and parts of it in their original wrapping, even though I had all the original boxes including item codes, barcodes, and all types of specific information that would have allowed them to trace the item, they refused to do anything at all.

    This problem could have been resolved very easily by shipping me a replacement leg since I do not live in the same province and was unable to visit the store in person. In fact, Ikea refused this and assumed no responsibility whatever for having sold me a defective item – the reason being that I did not have my original receipt.

    Ikea is the only company that distributes these products and given the information I had, the item could have been traced. Incompetent and disgruntled front-line staff was reluctant to deal with my concern, while the “managers” which I had been promised would call me back never called back. When I later managed to speak to someone, “company policy” trumped and I received no service to speak of.

    The petty argument presented to me was that they would assume I bought the item in their trashy “as is” section, even though those items are usually fully assembled and do not leave the store in their original boxes. I did have my boxes, and several “parts packages” were entirely untouched, wrapped in factory plastic wrappings – a proof this item had not been from their “as is” section. None of the information I could provide interested them.

    That’s equivalent to an insult – it “branded” me as a customer who was out to swindle them for a ridiculous replacement leg on a kitchen trolley. It is clear that at Ikea not only is there a good chance that the products are defective but moreover customer satisfaction is neither a business strategy nor a business value !!!!

  47. Nazim Ali Reply


    I am in the process of designing a kitchen and i’ve downloaded the kitchen planner three times, only to have the same problem! After downloading, I go in and put the sizes of my new kitchen extension, and then when I try to put a door, or a window onto it, the system just freezes, alt-ctrl-del des not work and the whole whole pc freezes too. I have had to re-boot me pc on three occasions and now am getting a bit fed up. Has anyone else had this problem? Does anyone knowof anything I could be doing wrong? (dont say Im going to the wrong supplier!)


  48. Paul Reply

    Just glancing through, an awful lot of you complain about Ikea’s shoddy service. Ikea is great if you are prepared to put the effort in to check everything – but looking here, people choose the cheapest way to do things and it is a truism, you can pay too little or too much for a service. There are delivery businesses that personally shop for you, though they come out at a higher cost (not always though) they do make sure you get what you want and delivered safely. The one I use is Idlikeaflatpack.com in Devon. They charge sure, but it is reasonable and if there is a problem with any items, they do sort the problem out. Dare I say it, but is there an element on trying to do things too cheaply here?

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