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I’m really enjoying writing for the MovieBlog, and I’m finding I’m spending more and more time over there writing instead of on here doing things!

Still, not only is it rewarding and most enjoyable writing about something you have such a passion and interest in, but it does bring some rewards, like Starsky and Hutch.

The Starsky and Hutch post has proved so popular we’re pushing eighty comments on it, and that’s since November the 11th.

The post concerns the news that Soul and Glaser were working on a serious treatment of the Starsky and Hutch story and would reappear in the main roles with a setting in London.

Now, the news of the post in itself is not so weighty until you consider that each one of those posts is complimenting the series, and saying how much they would love a Starsky and Hutch movie returning to the original characters with their exceptional chemistry. Not one of them is belittling the idea. Studios, sit up and take notice then go and let Soul and Glaser do it!

So I decided to email one David Soul and Paul Michael Glaser and tell them about the post and all the fans positive comments. Well you see I’m a huge Starsky and Hutch fan myself plus I’ve seen programmes about what they did after the show and how they’ve both been visited by tragedy in some form or another, so I thought this would be a good thing for them to see.

I was surprised to find an email from David Soul thanking me for passing on the post and also complimenting the site, what a highlight that was for me! Amazing! Unfortunately there’s only been a response from the fan club for Paul Michael Glaser so far, but here’s hoping.

On another cool story, Another excellent post is the news that Knight Rider is being remade as a spoof by a Scottish Director with a replica car built by a fan in Aberdeen. Brilliant news, not only because that is where I spent a lot of my life, but because I’ve always wanted a K.I.T.T. car since I saw the series.

So, keep your eyes on the site and keep informed of the latest Movie news that’s anywhere near interesting and some totally unbiased (ha!) opinions, it has an RSS Feed by the way.

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