Muang Thai Restaurant – Edinburgh

This is the second visit to this restaurant I’ve had and both times the service has been very quick and friendly, with the staff willing to recommend food depending on some questions they ask.

The decor is nice, with dulled lighting and candles on the tables which are lit as soon as you are seated, and the soothing sounds of the Thai equivalent of the top ten easylistening tunes play quietly in the background. It’s very odd because you will start to recognise a part of the song and then suddenly the Thai singing kicks in and you realise that you really don’t.

Looking through the menu you really are spoiled for choice, the foods are arranged in the traditional starter, main order but also grouped by type, with a section for curries, seafood, vegetarian, specialities and even traditional. Each has a nice explanation of what the group is, with further explanations of the ingredients of each. A very good menu and one that makes it hard to decide what to choose!

We chose a bottle of Thai Red Wine (yes, I was surprised as well) an imported wine from Monsoon Valley called Pokdum. It was a light and spicy wine, with a slight berry taste. Very pleasing, and very surprising. I was even offered a taste before we bought the bottle.

I enlisted the help of on of the staff to make a choice, and I chose the traditional. Now if you do choose this, please read the menu warning. It does make it quite clear that these are very hot dishes, they will not alter the heat of them, and you may feek the affects after the meal! So I chose one!

We partook of:

  • Thai Fish Cakes
  • Chicken Jum Jeim Soup
  • Panang Curry
  • Beef Pad Chaa
  • Coconut Rice
  • Egg Noodles

The soup was excellent, crisp, slightly coooked vegetables, and tender chicken with a spicy side sauce. The Thai fish cakes were small and very tasty, with a similar spicy side sauce and a nice fresh salad.

The Panang Curry was excellent, with hardly any fat visible in the sauce, and I have to say that for my choice, the menu was not wrong. The traditional Thai menu was hot! You could see the red chillies throughout the food and although they were mouthg and lip burning hot, the heat did not stay too long and did not overpower the dish. The tastes of the beef and vegetables were still there, just hot! I have to say, I have already suffered for my choice, but I don’t regret it, it was gorgeous. The coconut rice was quite rich and also very tasty.

To top it off the latte was beautifully prepared with the coffee floating on top of the frothed milk.

All in all an excellent meal, and we’ll be going back there again without a doubt.

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