National Service politics

It does exactly what it says in the title. National service politics is an idea I had some time ago, and as my ideas go it wasn’t that bad. It follows the basic, and well quoted premise which goes something like: Only those who do not want to be a politician will be a good politician, those who wish to be a politician are after money, status and power.

So the idea of National Service politics came into my head.

It would be, as you can probably guess, a bit like National Service whereby you would be called for Service at anytime between the ages of 20 and 50 let’s say, to serve 1-2 years. Perhaps it could be the requirement to serve the years as a total throughout the age group, these are the finer details.

What is the key is that the majority of the Political parties are sacked. The very front benchers remain to lead the party, but with the back benchers made from the National Service public.

So when a proposition is made for the party policies, or for the country as a whole, the front bench politicians will draft and propose the policy or bill and the back benchers vote upon it. i.e. real people, with real lives.

Instead of having to be onsite in Parliment all the time, your Service can be carried out from home. For example you can connect via a secure Internet feed and read all the documentation and watch the speaches as and when required, and the front benchers can also carry out their lobbying with this method.

Voting on these policies and\or bills could also be carried out via the Internet. When we can trust our finances to a secure Internet site, surely we could carry out voting.

This all allows for the service to be carried out from the home location. You are of course paid for the time in service, much cheaper than current politicians I’m sure, and could even work part time at your job. Your employer would have to agree to your service time of course.

This would surely lead to more realistic decisions, and the back benchers forcing the front benchers and the parties themselves, to look into the real issues and stop just being career politicians.

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