Olive Branch Bistro – Edinburgh

My girlfriend had visited this bistro on broughton street (not the deli in Cannonmills) before, and as we were waiting for a movie to start and had just enjoyed a wonderfuly exciting shopping trip, we thought we would both try it.

The decor is lovely, the colours matching the name and despite the overall size the layout provides a few different feels to your dining. You can either sit at the large tables for groups, which are quite open, or some small two person tables positioned beside the large glass window and paritioned from the group tables. Despite the large window the feeling in the evening is still of intimacy, just with the ability to people watch!

Service was very good, with a smile and a joke, especially when the till played up and the poor waitress was faced with suggesting we had an eight thousand pound bill! The food was the glory of this bistro, we ate:

  • Homemade Fishcakes with homemade chunky tartare sauce and salad
  • Chicken skewers with homemade satay sauce
  • Homemade Burger with bacon and blue cheese, salad and chips
  • Fish and chips with more of that tartare sauce

Beautiful food. I’ve mentioned the word homemade so often because the food was obviously handmade and tasted wonderful for it. The fishcakes were large with chunkily grated ingredients, moist, freshly made, and very hot! Fantastically refreshing from receiving tepid dishes that have been sitting around, these were so obviously just made and straight out of the kitchen.

The chicken skewers, I’m told, were equally as tasty, and I did manage to taste some of the satay sauce which was more like a jelly than a sauce, and made a lovely change from the sauce texture.

The handmade burger was gorgeous, slightly unevenly cooked it could have done with a re-emphasis from the waiting staff that it was likely to be like this due to the size and the fact it was to be cooked on the grill. However, I didn’t mind, I thought it was juicy and very tasty. A generous bacon slice and a huge cut of blue cheese just made this an excellent burger, perhaps straight from next doors butchers.

My girlfriend had chosen the fish and this was thick, and well battered without absorbing too much fat as most chip shops with below temperature fat tend to do. Unfortunately the fish was quite watery and lacked a lot of taste, perhaps it was poached before being battered, I’m not sure, but it could have been a taster piece.

Surprisingly the side salad was fresh and tasty, often it’s limp and slightly rotten or just lacking any taste. The chips were equally tasty, being chunky and not laden with fat.

All in all an excellent meal, with enough on our plates to mean I couldn’t even finish my girlfriends leftovers, and that’s saying something.

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