Roger Avary takes Microsoft to Court

I’ve been reading Roger Avary’s Weblog now for some time, mainly for my work on the MovieBlog and his involvement with the Silent Hill project, but also because it’s interesting, he’s famous and he seems like a good guy.

Just yesterday I saw the post on his Blog about filing a lawsuit against Microsoft and ResponDesign. I was intrigued, and found that he has created a new Blog to follow the case, with the first entry containing a PDF of the complaint. It makes for interesting reading.

Avary is filing this lawsuit for ten claims of relief against these two companies for, to paraphrase his complaint, stealing a games pitch he was asked to give them and develop over a number of meetings. When Microsoft asked him to sign a NDA that included handing over all IPR to them, he rightfully said no and that he expected to be paid for these ideas and have a hand in the profits.

That’s when it seems Microsoft went silent and the next thing that Avary hears, as he points out in his lawsuit, is that ResponDesign have created a game that has incredible similarities to his pitch.

The PDF of the lawsuit is on the first Blog entry, and I for one am going to keep my eyes on this. It’s just a shame he doesn’t have an RSS feed on his site and that only Blogger users can leave posts.

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  1. raymond burr Reply

    What happened to Avary’s blog? He stopping posting his journal?

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