Wasted evening on Halo 2

I’m so hacked off with Halo 2, and it’s making me think of downgrading my review of the game.

Before I start, let me get a word of warning out to everyone out there. Checkpoints seem to be only saved in memory, not to hard disk. They don’t last through a power off.

The first part of my frustration is playing the game on Normal through about five levels to realise that it was all too easy, and not anything to do with building up to being harder. So I stopped and went back to playing on heroic, and this is the frustrating part.

If you imagine that Normal is easy, and Heroic is hard, where’s the true normal setting? It’s somewhere just south of Heroic and way north of Normal. So playing through on Heroic is slow going and when you’re going over the same ground you’ve already covered a few days ago, it’s as painful as being needled.

Last night I sat down and played hours of the game, and finally got to the point that I’d been at when I stopped playing normal. I was excited again, it suddenly felt like a new game to play. However, it was really late, time for bed (plus I’d had far too much red wine and amaretto.

So I switched off everything and popped off to bed. Not twenty minutes ago I decided to load up and have a little play…what did I find? I was back to the point I was at before the two hour session! What the hell?

I’m guessing it’s because I didn’t Save and Quit the game, and that Checkpoints aren’t saved to the disk, but saying that I went through two to three levels and was at the start of a new level when I switched off. Am I now led to believe that even next levels aren’t saved?

Frankly I don’t know what’s going on…and I am struggling to find the drive to get through those levels again, for the third time. Actually, some of those levels are probably way more than that if you count for the number of deaths I’m having.

Oh dear. I’m beginning to hate the game.

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  1. Colin Reply


    I got stung by the very same thing. I am pretty sure that it is different from the default behaviour of the original Halo.

    I feel it is still a good game, it’s just not living up to the hype. That cut-scene/bump-mapping/texture delay issue is really jarring and completely negates the whole point of what it’s trying to do (i.e. immerse you more in the story).

    Ho-hum…roll on Half Life 2…if ‘Edge’ magazines 10/10 is anything to go by then it should be something special….I wonder what they are going to give Halo 2??

  2. DaveyM Reply

    I think that all reviews should state how long the reviewer has spent with the game. You played a few levels and then stuck up a 4/5 review (which is really only an initial opinion). Now, after playing a bit more you want to downgrade (which is fair enough and probably a more accurate reflection of how you find the game OVERALL – although playing live should be taken into account as well).

    I though the game was the mutts nutts for the first 3-4 levels. Now I’m on level 12 I think its dull and not worth the effort.

    The “save problem” you mentioned existed in the first Halo game as well.

  3. Richard Reply

    Good point Dave, and I agree. For example my GTA: San Andreas review is awaiting, and I’ve played that about five times as much as Halo 2, so how can you compare them.

    I am starting to see similarities in the gameplay through levels now, but what is still keeping it alive for me is the storyline.

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