Worker ethical clothing

We keep hearing about workers being exploited in foreign lands for the production of not so cheap clothing, well along comes a company that actually looks after their workers and claims an after training wage of $15 an hour.

The story in Guardian Spark says:

With a mission statement to advance “a hyper capitalist-socialist business fusion” and the advertising strap line “f*ck the brands that are f*cking the people”, American Apparel wears its morals on its sleeve.

Within their 14 years of operation they are now Americas leading domestic clothing manufacturer, which seems no mean feat when thinking of some of the other giants.

The story reports that they are also using solar powered electricity, pesticide-free organic cotton, and recycling garment scraps as part of their continuining ethical policy.

Certainly interesting, and I am tempted to buy something, if it weren’t for that $20 international posting charge. Perhaps I’ll wait for their Euorpean stores to open.

The Guardian magazine also talks about ethical investments and building green housing projects. All very interesting and definitely worth reading.

The parting line in this article just can’t go without being quoted.

…buying a T-shirt need never mean fcuking the developing world again.

Very cool.

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