Batman: The Cult – Starlin, Wrightson, Wray

The Cult deals with a difficult topic in the world of Batman, a world where he is an unstoppable force against all criminals, even his arch enemy the Joker himself. Yet in this story he is not only taken and beaten physically, but he is also beaten mentally, and there is the shocking part, Batman is broken. Pulled into a Cult where the enigmatic leader seems to serve a higher purpose, he is brainwashed using common techniques, and turns to their goals and methods.

It is, for Batman fans everywhere, quite shocking. However the breaking is done expertly well, and the storyline doesn’t feel as though it betrays the ideals at all, just shows a more human side to Batman. If you can get through the surprise of the breaking there is an excellent story to be had underneath. What makes it sweeter is the breaking only leads to a stronger return for the Batman, although how much of a return is left to you to decide.

Combining the storyline with a more mature drawing style, harsher, harder and stronger than a lot of the comic based Batman stories, provides us with a more adult style, and this just lends itself perfectly to the more modern plot, leaving behind the comic based enemies and concentrating on a more real character as an enemy.

I liked this book, very enjoyable and it does bring a different side to the Batman. It’s up to you whether it damages your belief of the unshakable and mighty character, but I think it lends to the human side and reminds you of the fact that Bruce Wayne has no special powers over any other individual, just a stronger sense of purpose and being.

Batman: The Cult – Starlin, Wrightson, Wray

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