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It’s been so long since we visited Centotre and the review has just sat on draft, however, we can remember how we enjoyed our evening.

The service was brisk and efficient, if somewhat cold, except for the owner who greeted and seated us. A warm and inviting greeting, which immediately put you at ease and made you feel that you were a special regular. I even met him on my way to the toilets and he pointed out a book he had just opened discussing the Borollo wine, one of my favourite wines.

We do remember that we had:

  • Mixed Bruschetta
  • Pizza
  • Steak
  • Nice red wine

Okay, so we don’t remember much. I do remember that my steak was beautifully juicy and melted in my mouth, apart from one lump of grisle, it was an excellent steak. My girlfriend recalls her pizza was cheese and italian sausage with chillies, excellent and quite hot, perfect. We do recall the wine was lovely, but we just can’t remember what it was!

However, I will be making a return for our work’s team christmas meal, so I shall update soon after that.

Update: 22/12/2004

Previously given 4 Stars, I now officially love this restaurant. I was back for the second time, this time for the works Christmas lunch out. It was on the company and our Boss had decided not to come, so we celebrated.

A glass of Prosecco each started us off, which was just so tasty. One of the ladies I work with had never tasted it before and she instantly took to it, she loved it. We followed that with a bottle of Barolo, which was as beautiful as the last Barolo I tasted, and that was a while ago, they’re expensive, you know! The wine was presented in the most beautiful glasses that were large and open with circular ridges on the underneath and the cork placed in the foil which was folded over from the bottle. Beautiful attention to detail.

The food was as excellent as the wines; I started with a selection of Italian meats, and moved on to Piccante Sausage with a Polente mash and a spicy bean gravy (you’ll have to excuse me, the menu isn’t online and I can’t quite remember the full ingredients!).

My two colleagues who dined with me were equally joyous about their choices, they both started with Bruschetta and moved on with Veil and Steak. They both looked amazing (that’s the food I am referring to, although they did too!), and apparently tasted just the same way.

The attentive service was spot on, and the apologies for the length of time to deliver the main courses was not required at all, but definitely appreciated. The staff seemed genuinely interested in you having an enjoyable experience.

My only quibble would be that my order of cheese was forgotten about, however as it was sheer greed and I couldn’t eat another morsel and it was obvious they were extremely busy with every table taken and customers waiting, I didn’t mind too much. After all I had just tasted some amazing food and wine.

We left and went onto another bar for a drink (where I tasted some Japanese Single Malt in the form of Suntory) but the lady who had tasted Prosecco that very evening was keen to go back for some more, so we returned to the bar section of Centotre and had a half bottle. Beautiful.

Having been personally attended to by the owner, he seems a very nice chap, we sat down to our drinks. One of the staff at the sweets counter talked to us about the new chocolate cake that had just been made and was fresh for the next few days. Cheekily I asked, is that the taster? Suddenly, there was a small plate on the table.

Perfect service, gorgeous food, and delectable wine. This is my new favourite place to eat.

2 comments on “Centotre – Edinburgh”

  1. carina contini Reply


    Thank you so much.

    Found this by accident.

    Very much look forward to meeting you one day.


  2. Kim Crawford Reply

    Just spent the day in Edinburgh and was so looking forward to our Italian experience. Unfortunately, the general concensus was the starters were good but the mains were rotten. I could make better sausage and mash myself; the ‘rustica’ had such an overpowering garlic thing going on I couldn’t finish it and I like my food!! The base of the pizzas were nice but ingredients were sparse on the ground. Sorry but we thought it was very disappointing.

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