Chopper: Song of the surfer – Wagner, MacNeil

I’ve never really read any 2000AD stories, I think I do remember reading something about a soldier with equipment that talked to him all the time, but that was once or twice. So it was odd that I decided to pick up Chopper: Song of the surfer, and I really don’t know why I did.

It’s a wonderfully drawn comic with panes that look like they have real texture throughout. I found the story very unusual, and I suppose I would put that down to not being a 2000AD fan and not really moving outside of the realm of Batman too much, however it was an intruiging, mature and very clever story.

A sky surfer who was once a great champion and lost it all has a new found outlook on life and his ties to the universe. For one last time he enters the Supersurf competition, but this time there’s an interesting twist for the contestants, death. Snipers, napalm, exploding shells, tunnels of knives – it’s one big spectacle for the audience and the Surfers are the cannon fodder.

I did enjoy this, my only complaint was that it was too short, it felt like there was much much more to the story that we didn’t get to see, and I did feel rushed headlong towards the ending. The pace is kept extremely well, and this may be where the story suffers, but I can’t help thinking there should have been more.

Chopper: Song of the surfer – John Wagner, Colin MacNeil

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  1. Joe Uman Reply

    You must remember that Chopper, as a character in the world of Judge Dredd, has a backstory already told in previous stories. So uless you’ve read them and are familiar with past events, this book will seem the lesser, which it isn’t. I think it’s an unfair criticism of the Book song of the surfer to say it doesn’t reveal more of the story when it is just the final part of a much larger character story told in previous tales. Why waste more pages by telling it again?

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