David Coulthard signs to Red Bull racing

Excellent news from the BBC, David Coulthard has signed a one year deal with Red Bull racing.

[Coulthard has] all the experience and ability to take the team forward…Having an experienced driver is a no-brainer.
David Pitchforth, Red Bull Managing Director

My fanship (if there is such a word!) of Coulthard is obvious from the previous posts, in particular this one, and it’s great news that the second most prolific F1 Driver (second to Michael Schumacher) is back for another year. That strikes me though, why one year? Either he is hoping for a new contract next year with a better team, is giving it one year to see how the team performs or to take him to retirement, or the final thing I can think of is that they only offered him one year in order that he can impart his experience on the second, younger driver who can then step up to the first seat.

Who knows, time will tell, and to be honest this man, and the rule changes, are the only things keeping me with F1 at the moment. I too am on a one year contract, and we’ll see if they can keep my interest next year again.

I do believe that F1 is on a precipice, a multi edged one. On one side they have the dominance of Ferrari and Shumacher with not always the grace and gentlemanly attitude you would prefer; on another side there is the unequal balance between the rich teams, and the not so rich; then there is the growing concerns over how and why tracks are chosen; there’s also the downturn in quality of television coverage of the races, continuing to concentrate on the leaders for sponsorship reasons and missing all the action, and finally is the battle between Ecclestone and the Banks of managing the whole thing.

I continue to hope, my contract is on Coulthard’s terms.

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