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One thing we weren’t prepared for when moving in was the complete lack of any flooring. Another large expense to get through and we thought the best thing to do was aim cheap, how wrong we’ve been proven.

We went to Edinburgh Carpet warehouse (ECW) to choose a large amount of flooring. Bamboo for the double hallway and lounge; carpet for the Bedroom, Home Cinema\Games room, Guest Bedroom and office; Linoleum for the En-Suite and Guest Bathroom, and hard flooring for the Kitchen. We bought everything from them, somewhere in the region of 142 square meters.

On the day we had arranged for ECW to arrive and measure up the house we were both working, so my girlfriends parents kindly came to the flat to wait for them. They were due in the morning and after 14:30 they had still not arrived. A call to ECW resulted in some story about a fitter and his ailing family who he cares for, tragic. So I said no one was there now but when he was about to arrive if he could call and I could arrange for someone to go there within an hour.

The next call was from the measurer who was now onsite to measure up. Except no one was there to let him in. Of course, you’re over four hours late and you were told to call. No matter, he waited until someone arrived to let him in.

First down were the Lino, Carpets and Hard Flooring in the Kitchen, all done in one day. A few days afterwards, while we were waiting for the Joiners to arrive and fit the Bamboo, I called them back. The Lino had bubbles in it and needed trimmed. Also the fitter in the Kitchen had removed all the panels around the underside of the Kitchen units, trimmed off the bottom rubber seal and left the rough wood against the flooring and cut in a completely random line.

This, he told us, was the uneven floor. Fair enough, the floor is uneven, but can’t you just mark the line on the panels and cut, after all, they are pushed down from above to fit. No.

So when the Joiner arrived and we discovered my girlfriend knew him from school, we asked him. Sure, he could draw a pencil line and have it cut in fifteen minutes, he did, and it was perfect.

The Bamboo was to be fitted in two days, and the Joiners arrived a couple of hours late, seemed they were held up on a previous job but lateness was something we were to realise was extremely common. Immediately they were concerned, the huge stack of Bamboo planks and the amount of area to cover was going to take more than two days, but they began anyway.

As expected, come the end of Friday they weren’t finished, the Lounge was still to be completed, and here we were living in a house covered in Bamboo dust and no lounge. A call to ECW left me with little satisfaction. The Joiners would be back on Monday to complete as they weren’t given enough time for the job nor any warning. I then had to take a day’s unpaid leave to let them in as all my Holidays were used.

Finally, late on Monday they finished, and we cleaned up and began living. The job, overall, was an acceptable one. There was black hinge dust streaked across some walls, and all the white beading to cover the edge of the Bamboo strips were hammered in with nails, the nail heads being hidden with off white cheap caulk. Around the skirting areas the nail gun had been used and had made multiple scratches across the skirting board. Also, one piece of Bamboo had been fitted and cracked.

So with all this my Father, who was kindly paying for me until we got the funds to pay him back, wrote a harsh letter. After a long and convoluted discussion (not helped that my Orange mobile answering service had just decided not to call me or inform me of any answering messages for a month!) we got someone to come and look at what had been happening.

After a long conversation waiting for the Joiner to appear, I was given £250 for the inconvenience.

Unfortunately it’s not going to end there. The carpets in the Office and Cinema Room, after around three months have sunk where the chairs are. In the cinema room we moved the sofa to give the carpet time to recover, it doesn’t, it remains sunk against the floor and where a occurred occurred and was cleaned up, the pattern is rubbed away looking like years of abuse. Similar in the office, where the four legged office chair on wheels has rubbed a large “o” in front of the desk.

I will be contacting them in the next month to inform them and see what the next steps are. Money back for these carpets or replacements.

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  1. Sarah Dowsett Reply

    I’ve used ECW for flooring in my home too and they weren’t great. Initially we had conflicting advice from their salesmen as to whether or not the flooring we wanted would work in our house – something to do with it being laid straight on to concrete. After much chat, they decided it was ok to go ahead, however after a few months, the wood started to separate and we were left with a huge gap right down the middle of our living room. Not particularly attractive.

    My husband rang them and tried to arrange for a joiner to come out and have a look at the problem about 20 times. Two or three times we got something arranged, but nobody turned up. The other umpteen times we were promised that they would call us back, but never ever did. Now nearly a year down the line and still no help from ECW, we have given up and have just had to get used to our lovely gap. We’ll have to remember to put a rug down if we ever try to sell our house.

    I wouldn’t go back to them. They were always very pleasant, but completely and utterly useless.

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