Happy Birthday!

Well I’ve now officially turned 34 – must get that profile updated – with my Birthday having been on the third.

Many thanks for the cards and calls friends and family. Very nice, and special thanks to D and C for having a baby for me on my Birthday! I’ll leave the names blank to protect the innocent…or not so!

So, how did the day go? Well my wonderful Girlfriend woke me up almost before the alarm with her card and pressies!

I was lucky enough to get an Aston Martin DB9! No…not the real thing, a collectors edition model, and very lovely and gorgeous! I also got some nice cufflinks, a Picasso nose and the Indiana Jones Trilogy box set! Wooo!

The Picasso nose, for those of you who don’t know, is a little nose with a notch in it so you can stand your glasses on it, weirdest thing I’ve ever seen, but it’s cool and it stands your glasses upright without fear of them being scratched on the table top.

At work the lovely Suzy, who I work with all the time, handed over a wee pressie. What a surprise that was, apparently it was a total fluke as well. Her hubby works in the car industry and gets his hands on models all the time, he’d been given a model the day before and had thought that it was my car, and since I had given their kids a PS2 copy of Driver that I had won, he had thought to hold onto it for me.

I know, Driver isn’t that great, but still. So the morning of my Birthday he said to Suzy about the model and thought that I had one and he thought about taking it home. She immediately said that he should have as it’s my Birthday today and lo and behold, he had brought it home anyway!

It’s cool. A lovely Honda S2000 die cast model, 1:18 and all the bits open that should do and it’s a perfect replica, even down to the spare tyre cover in the boot and the red engine start button on the dash! Okay, it’s not the same colour and it’s the 2003 model, but hey, it’s fab.

So that was a cool day. Migraine and sinus problems didn’t help though, so the day drinking session with old workmates (Base Stack!) was abandoned and I came home to work and post on the MovieBlog.

The girlfriend made a wonderful tea with beautiful canapés and champagne to begin, and I have to admit to being slightly drunk. Not the best time to respond to someone attacking my latest MovieBlog post…damn them!

Still, it’s been a good day, but a funny one. I have definitely come to that stage where the day isn’t important. Don’t get me wrong, no mid life crisis, or age thing where I want to forget, I’m not bothered about being 34. I just don’t see the importance of the single day anymore. There are more important things, and she knows who she is. 😉

Oh, one thing I forgot, I do share my Birthday with something famous. It was this day ten years ago that Sony launched the Playstation to the general public in Japan, and here I am playing GTA: San Andreas on it. Oh, the irony…well, actually there’s none at all!

Right the bed is calling, and I shall pay this site more attention this year (having only started months ago), with more posts and more publicising!

3 comments on “Happy Birthday!”

  1. Simone Reply

    Hiya Rich, it’s Simone, I am a regular poster of The Movie Blog, I just wanna say I like reading your articles. I’d also like to email you, so can you send me your email address please?

    Anyway, how does it feel being 34? I will be turning 35 in a few months. Oh dear.


  2. Matt Adcock Reply

    Dude, I turn 34 in 37 days… but reading your blog post has put my mind at rest regarding ‘having to grow up and stop playing so much drunken PS2 (am in the midst of enjoying KILLZONE a lot – after HALO 2 it’s the best FPS I’ve played!)…

    Anyway, as you like films you might want to check my blog which seems to mostly fill up with film reviews (I review for a weekly newspaper group) and associated stuff – let me know what you think.




  3. Richard Reply

    Hi Simone – recognised the email address for you instantly! Thanks for popping over and enjoying it too! I’m amazed anyone does! Email address is attached, I’ve also attached it to all my comments on the MovieBlog site, so you can get it anywhere, feel free to drop me a note. By the way, my design was like this before the MovieBlog’s!

    Matt, it’s not that scary…harder to loose the weight you put on eating and drinking when playing, but just go to the gym more! I’ll check out the site and leave some comments in reciprocation! Thanks for looking in, hope you stay!

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