Relish – Edinburgh

We noticed this little place while we were walking along the High Street and thought it looked pretty cool. The signs advertising 100% traceable Scottish Beef and free range chicken made us look at the menu which boasts such enticing burgers as:

The Breakfast – British bacon, fried egg, sautéed mushrooms, salad, mayo & relish (too big to close – served open!)

The Aussie (v) – A fried egg, fresh pineapple, beetroot, mature cheddar, salad, mayo & relish (too big to close – served open!)

The Teriyaki – British bacon, fresh pineapple, homemade teriyaki sauce, salad, mayo & relish

Relish menu

How good do they sound? Unfortunately we were just on our way to stay at the Scotsman Hotel and have a cracking meal at their North Bridge Brasserie, so we couldn’t really stop in by for a huge homemade burger. However, we were to later find that the price of the breakfast in the hotel meant we were returning for breakfast.

Inside it’s an American diner, it’s all laid out well and has a nice feel to it. We were in really early, and the staff were efficient but a bit distracted, the chef made an appearance in front of the counter which I always think is a good thing.

A gorgeous latte each, served in a big chunky mug, then onto a waffle with bacon and maple syrup for the girlfriend, and a waffle with bacon and egg for me.

The waffle was homemade and utterly delicious, crispy and not soaked in fat or dense like an out of the packet waffle. Huge strips of nicely cooked, but not crisp, bacon were draped across the top, and in my case the egg was not over cooked and allowed the yolk to pour over the top. Lovely.

We’re definitely going back again but this time for burgers. I’d recommend Relish with a hearty tum.

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