The Scotsman Hotel

We recently were given some vouchers for a free nights stay at The Scotsman hotel in Edinburgh, and so for my Birthday we decided to stay and enjoy the excesses that we hoped it would offer. We were right.

Walking into the hotel you suddenly realise three things, firstly that it is gorgeous inside, that it is not part of a chain of hotels (there is a plaque at the front door) and this makes it even more attractive, and three there are an abundance of friendly, helpful and well trained staff. (Apologies to the staff there, it makes them sound like animals, I didn’t mean it in that manner!).

Booking in was a refreshing experience, we were waiting for the two staff members to deal with other people first, and we were quite happy because they were going as fast as they could without rushing and also engaging everyone in conversation. Two or three times they apologised for the delay, but there was no real need.

The good news was that we were upgraded to an Editors suite, we had no idea what this was, but obviously we took it anyway. We were pleasantly surprised. The room was large, contained a very large double bed, table and chairs, a sofa and a huge wardrobe which not only contained clothes hanging space but also hid a widescreen TV with Satellite, pay per view movies and a DVD player. There were lovely little touches such as wireless in the hotel, a retractable telephone model cable, Edinburgh Monopoly set into the glass of the table, individual bendy reading lights on the headboard, a coffee percolator and the greatest thing of all, a service hatch so that room service never bothered you.

The bathroom was quite narrow, but still housed a fantastic shower and bath, with beautiful marbling across the walls.

All in all we were majorly impressed. The visit to their North Bridge Brassiere was very nice indeed, and you can check that out in another review. Sleeping was easy, with the bed being extremely comfortable and no noise to notice.

I would say that with the cost of the hotel I really struggled to contemplate coming back again. Perhaps on some amazingly special occasion, otherwise I think we wouldn’t go so posh. Breakfast delivered to the room was something like £17.95 per person! Okay, there was a lot of food, but still. We went up the mile and ate at Relish instead.

Booking out was another matter. We had a couple of erroneous items on our bill, we were billed for a bottle of champagne twice, which wasn’t even in the room on arrival as we had been upgraded. Upon asking we managed to get it later that evening, with an enquiry of how they could make up for the mistake. There were also a couple of charges from the Brassiere that we didn’t recognise, and even had another table number on it, so it was lucky it was all sorted.

However, excellent place to stay for a very special occasion, and if you are, book the North Bridge Brassiere as well.

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